How to Fix Snapchat Camera Not Working?

“You might have felt like some people are the Camera of your life, Because they look at you, and You Smile.”As we have drifted so much into this integrated world, where it is hard enough to find someone like that. There exists someone that makes us smile every time it looks at it, or maybe we look at it. I wished it was Brad Pitt, but it is the Snapchat Camera. Yes, guys. And now that you are here, you are searching for How to Fix Snapchat Camera Not Working. So let me not waste another second to make you smile. Get into the article.

How to Fix Snapchat Camera Not Working?

How do you know Snapchat Camera is not Working?

In order to resolve any issue, we need to find out what the actual issue is. There are a number of things that will include the Snapchat Camera Not Working. We will list out some of the possible and very common types of issues that we can face with the Snapchat camera.

Snapchat Camera Not Working

  • Unable to open the Camera.
  • A Complete Black Screen/Blackout of the screen.
  • Sound lack in the Videos.
  • Long Snaps do not Work.
  • The camera seems like it Zoomed in.
  • Unable to access any new feature of Snapchat.
  • The capture Button doesn’t work.
  • Poor Picture/Video quality of the Snaps.

As it is quoted, “Everything happens for a reason”; let us find out what reasons have made this happen. And if this happened that you want to know who is whose friend, Read: How to See Someone’s Friends on Snapchat.

Reasons for Snapchat Camera Not Working:

To find a solution for the issues that you face, It is very important to find out the reason behind their occurrence. In case you have been exhausted by facing the issue from any of the listed above. We will need to find out a solution to wipe out your exhaustion completely.

As we all know that until you know the cause of the problem, you can never find a solution. So, on that go, we will move on to know what reasons can make the Snapchat Camera Not Work.

If you are facing issues that are mentioned at the beginning, there are chances that it may be due to specific reasons behind it. Some of the reasons are what we are going to discuss now.

Why Would Snapchat Cameras Betray You?

Snapchat Camera Not Working

From plenty of reasons, we have found some, which are basic as well as the common reasons for the occurrence of the not working problem.

The Collapse of Snapchat:

Snapchat Camera Not Working

Collapse refers to the Technical issues that any app faces. It is a repeated reason that users complain about. Check whether the Server is down. Sometimes the app faces technical error because the Server has a hard time and break down. Or we can say that the server has gone for under maintenance.

Poor Internet Connection :

Snapchat Camera Not Working

A Poor Connection can result in the not working of the camera. When the Connection with the internet fails, Snapchat finds it difficult to vibe with you. Whenever there is an oscillation of the Snapchat Camera, you try to vibe with it by snapping. Make sure that you don’t access an unstable internet/Wifi connection.

Your Snapchat has Grown old:

Snapchat Camera Not Working

Apps like Snapchat do grow old, not in age but in versions. If you are using a Snapchat app with an outdated version, then it is so obvious that the specific version has been out-of-date. So, it is evident time for you to pick up an Update (b’day date for apps ) and give a makeover to your old and archaic Snapchat.

Overcrowding of the Running apps:

Snapchat Camera Not Working

How do you feel when a crowd of 20 people surrounds you and ask for you to work? You will feel Bent out of Shape. When you feel aggravated, why can’t your device? Sometimes when you are using many apps together on your device, it is more likely that the app can face issues with the processing.

Outdated Mobile Operating System:

Snapchat Camera Not Working

If you think that your Snapchat app has not grown old. Then you must check your device -Smartphone. The device also starts dysfunctioning sometimes because of the Outdated firmware, which makes it incompatible with the app. Maybe that would have resulted in affecting the Snapchat camera.

Did you Deny, Rebuff, and Say no to Snapchat Permissions?

Snapchat Camera Not Working

Sometimes the not working can occur because you would have given a Thumbs Down to Snapchat when asking for granting permission to access the camera. Just like you need to uncover the lens cap off your Camera to click pictures, you need to grant permission to Snapchat to access the camera to click pictures.

Now that w have seen all the reasons behind the cause, it is time that we heal you and your camera with our troubleshooting ways to fix the Snapchat Camera Not Working.

How to Fix Snapchat Camera Not Working:

Restart the Snapchat App:


In case your Snapchat Camera is Not Working, We can consider invading the unwanted bugs and glitches in the app. Restarting the App will vanish all such technical glitches present to improve the Performance of the app. It can be done in TWO easy steps.

Simple Restart:

  1. Close the Snapchat application on your phone.
  2. Now, Open the Snapchat app. And Ta-Dah, See if this fixed your Camera.

Additional Tip: While you close Snapchat, Close all the other running apps from the background. Then start fresh.

Not So Simple Restart:

You can also try restarting (on Android)by following these steps :

Press &Hold the Snapchat app icon >Tap on the App info >ForceStop.

Restart the Smartphone :

If there is no improvement after Restarting the app, Try restarting your Smartphone. Press and Hold the Power/Volume Button to make a Restart on your Phone. This will clear the unwanted, Useless RAM, and by the grace of restarting, your Snapchat Camera can start working.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Snapchat app:

Snapchat Camera Not Working

Restarting might not always clear up the inside hidden and unnecessary files from the app. So, in that case, you can try to remove the app from the device by uninstalling it. After some time, You can reinstall the app and check for improvements in the Snapchat Camera on the app.

Improve Internet Connection :

As I have told you, Poor connections affect the Vibing. However, you can check whether you have a good, stable, and Not so weak Internet connection for reasons that Snapchat requires internet for the loading of the lenses, Visit: How to Fix Tap to Load Problem on Snapchat?, Filters, and AR Stickers that are present on the Camera. In fact, You can also try Switching between Mobile Data and Wifi or try using another Hotspot to Im[prove the connection and solve Snapchat Camera Not Working issue.

Update Your Snapchat Account:

If you are using an old or Outdated version of the app. Try this method and update the app to resolve the Snapchat Camera Not Working issue. Update the Snapchat app and get Updated by clicking amazing pictures with it.

Update the Operating Systems of the Phone :

On the Condition that Updating Snapchat doesn’t work, then you can do something with your Phone.No dont throw it away. Update the Operating system (Software)of your Smartphone and try back to update the app and fix the problem.

Grant The Snapchat Permissions:

Snapchat Camera Not Working

Giving a  Thumbs up to Snapchat might help you. Check with the Permissions granted to Snapchat as it requires the camera permission to access the capturing of pictures and videos.

 Go to the App and enable or turn on the access to the camera to solve Snapchat Camera Not Working.

Clear the Snapchat Cache:

Snapchat Camera not Working

Try clearing out the Data/Cache of the app to fix the problem. You can clear the data of the app from the phone(Go to Settings >app>Snapchat >Clear data), or you can also clear the app data.-Snapchat>Profile>Gear icon>Settings>Lenses>Clear Local Lens data. 

And Bingo!

Your Dear friend uploaded a Story, and you do not know how many times you can relive it; check: How Many Times Does Someone View Your Snapchat Story?

Get in Contact with Snapchat :

Snapchat Camera not Working

Of course, It is not only you who feel hungry or goes through heartbreaks. Similarly, There are a lot of people who also face similar trouble with cameras like you. So you can get in contact with Snapchat to help you out.

  • Check with the Social media accounts of Snapchat. If the issue is widespread, then wait for it to resolve. You will get updated in the meantime.

Final Words:

Snapchat Camera not Working

Come on, let’s say cheese. Now that you have found the one that can make you smile like no other. Open the app, Access the camera, and pick up a filter(but trust me, you look beautiful without it, as the way you are ); I like the one with the Vibes Glasses, by the way. Hehe! Click a snap and add to your memories because “Moments Pass Memories Matter.”

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