How to Watch Sofa TV on Smart TV?

Are you tired of searching for a solution to this topic? No issue, this is the confident article to watch Sofa TV on Smart TV. While using this idea, you can quickly get into the website of the sofa and can use the content on your Smart TV.

Is Sofa TV accessible on Smart TV?

In HD streaming quality, you can stream movies, as it is a third-party app. You can watch your favourite movies for free in all languages through this Sofa TV application. Guess how many languages it has? The answer is 48 languages. Yes, in 48 languages, you can watch video content.

It supports Firestick, Android TV, iOS devices, and more. It is effortless to use the user interface. To watch content doesn’t cost any charges.

Methods to get Sofa TV on Smart TV

By using the website of your smart TV, you can get the sofa TV with the inbuilt browser. To have the Sofa TVs app on Smart TV, follow the given methods.

  • Using Browser watch Sofa TV on Smart TV
  • Using Streaming devices, stream Sofa TV on Smart TV
  • Sofa TV on Smartphone

Method 1: Using Browser watch Sofa TV on Smart TV

First, let’s try this method to watch Sofa TV on Smart TV using a browser.

1. Internet connection> To your Smart TV, link up internet sources with a good supply of power

2. Home screen> After doing the above process, head towards the Home screen of Smart TV and its browser

3. Search browser> To search for the Sofa TV app using the search function option or in another way, you can get the app by entering into the website

4. Link> Enter the link in the search box. And tab the enter button to get the app

5. Get the app> By using the link, get the official site of Sofa TV. Then go to content library>Sofa TV content

6. Play> Here on the Sofa TV, choose your contents and start playing on your Smart TV

Method 2- Using Streaming devices, stream Sofa TV on Smart TV

We used the browser to get Sofa TV on Smart TV in the above method. We selected a few streaming devices to stream Sofa TV on Smart TV. And those are Fire TV and Android TV

Sofa TV on Android TV:

As this is a third-party app, you can make it on Google Play, so don’t skip

To get Sofa TV, the first thing you need to do is to enable Andorid TV

  • Settings> On your Android TV, get into the settings
  • Security and Restrictions> You can find the “Security and Restrictions” option on the screen. Could you select it?
  • Unknown source> To accept third-party apps, toggle the unknown sources.

To download the app on Android TV, you need the downloader app.

Follow the steps to install the downloader app:

  • Android TV home page> On the home page of your android TV, select the apps option
  • Get more apps> In the apps option, tap on “Get more apps.”
  • Search> Here, type Downloader in the search box and hit the ok button

  • Downloader app> As a result of the previous step Downloader app is installed.
  • URL> After opening the downloader app. From the reliable source, enter the URL of the app
  • APK file> Wait for the APK file. It takes a few second
  • Install> Once the file is downloaded. On your Android TV install the app and the process are done completely

Note- APK file may harm the other apps you have downloaded on Android TV. To delete the file to clear space.

The Sofa TV app is installed successfully on Android TV using the downloader app. Now get ready to enjoy your movies in HD quality.

Sofa TV on Fire TV

Sofa TV is not available on Fire TV as it is not a Fire TV native app. By slide-loading, you can get the app. Since which is only the possible way to get the app.

To download the Sofa TV, we need to do two main processes, and they are:

  • Downloader app
  • ES File Explorer app

To get Sofa TV on Smart TV, the first thing you need to do is to enable unknown apps on Fire TV

1. Settings> On the home screen of the Fire TV, head towards the settings options

2. Choose device> On this next page, choose My Fire TV> Developer option

3. Unknown sources> From an unknown source, click apps to turn on

Using Downloader app

To install a third-party app, Downloader is the official app. Where that comes by preinstalled on Fire TV. If it is not there on your Fire TV, you can install it. To install the downloader app, follow these steps

1. Install and launch> As we did in the Android TV, do the same process to install the downloader app

2. URL> After opening the downloader app. From the reliable source, enter the URL of the app

3.APK file> Wait for the APK file. It takes a few second

4. Install> Once the file is downloaded. On your Fire TV, install the app, and the process is done completely

Using ES File Explorer

It is an alternative to the downloader app. If the previous process is difficult, you can skip that and follow this. On your, FireTV, to download the ES file Explorer app follow these steps.

1. ES File Explorer> From the Amazon App store, install the ES File Explorer

2. Open> Launch the app once the installation is done

3. Downloader icon> Select the icon of the Downloader and click the +New button placed at the bottom of the ES File Explorer page

4. URL> On the screen, a popup notification will be appeared to fill in the information. Enter both “Path” and “name” box type Sofa TV.

5. Download> Then, by clicking the Download option, the app will be Downloaded

6. Open and install> Open the downloaded file and click install. Then on the next screen launch Sofa TV

Method 3- Sofa TV on Smartphone  

Using the Smartphone, you can watch screencast Sofa TV on Smart TV by the following steps

1.WiFi network> Check whether you have a good network on your Smartphone

2. Internet browser> On your Smartphone, open any internet browser

3. Search> In the search field, type “Sofa TV” and search for the app by clicking go

4. Download APK file>On your Smartphone, download the APK file. And once the file is downloaded, install the app and complete the process

On your Smartphone now, enjoy watching movies in HD High, quality


Here we end up our article, and I hope this helps you watch Sofa TV on Smart TV. You can get the needed content for the Sofa TV from its official website as it is a dedicated app.

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