How to Fix Spectrum App Not Working on Roku 2022?

If you have a Roku device in your home, you can stream many streaming services such as Spectrum TV app content on your Roku. This service is compatible with Roku devices, so you can easily download and install the app on your device immediately. Sometimes you may face issues while streaming the Spectrum app on your Roku device. If that case, we will provide you with some ways to fix the issue when the Spectrum app is not working on Roku

How to Fix Spectrum App Not Working on Roku?

Spectrum TV app is specially made for the smartphone app as well as for streaming devices, and it lets you stream both live and on-demand titles without any additional cost on your compatible device. Apart from other cable TV providers, Spectrum TV offers all live TV streaming services with High Definition (HD) quality channels to stream.

It is a United States popular internet-based TV service owned by CHrter Communications. This service is more affordable for all to subscribe to. Users can relish more than 250 live TV channels and over 30,000 on-demand titles and movies to stream on the Spectrum TV app when you set up a Spectrum internet service in your home.

What are the reasons the Spectrum app not working on Roku?

It can be due to the Spectrum TV app not working on your Roku device. Here we will explain it one by one the below.

  1. Due to a hardware problem in your Roku
  2. Unstable internet speed
  3. Server issue on your Spectrum TV
  4. Location issue
  5. Cache and bugs may cause
  6. Device problem
  7. Older app version

How to Fix Spectrum App not working on Roku?

You can try out the below-fixing methods to eliminate your issue with the Spectrum TV app not working with your Roku device.

#Tip 1: Update Spectrum TV App

Because your device won’t work properly with the older version of your app, sometimes it may cause issues while streaming the Spectrum TV content on your Roku device. You need to always up to date with your app whenever there is a new version of the app is available.


First, you should go to the Settings section on your Roku device.


Then visit the Auto-update apps option then tap to turn it on.


Then launch the current version of your Spectrum TV app and wait for it.


Now check whether it’s working or not. If not, then follow another tip given below.

#Tip 2: Re-Install Spectrum TV App

So far, the above tips don’t fix your issues on the Spectrum TV app, then try out the next given way here. Then it would help if you had to uninstall your Spectrum TV app and then install it again on your Roku device.


Go to your Spectrum TV app and remove it on your Roku device.


Then visit the Roku channel store and search for the Spectrum TV app.


After that, pick the right app on the search result.


Tap on to Add Channel tile, and then it will begin to download on your device.


Once it gets installed, start streaming if you don’t have any issues while playing the Spectrum TV app content.

#Tip 3: Restart your Network Provider

If the above methods don’t work, then try to restart your modem or router to troubleshoot.

  • Make sure that your router or modem is connected to your Roku device.
  • Confirm that your internet speed is stable and standard while you stream the Spectrum TV content.
  • In case you have slow internet speed or any issue with your internet, you can contact your customer care service to resolve your issue in your network.

#Tip 4: Reboot your Roku

If still, you won’t be able to resolve the issue on Spectrum TV on your Roku device, then you should restart your Roku device by following the given instructions.

#STEP 1 >> From your Roku remote, hit the Home button.

#STEP 2 >> Next, navigate to the Settings section.

#STEP 3 >> Now, choose the system option under the settings.

#STEP 4 >> Then choose the Power option. (If you can’t see a power option, do the next step.

#STEP 5 >> Afterthat, pick the System Restart to restart your Roku device.

#STEP 6 >> At last, it will restart your device. Please wait for it to complete the process, then try to play any Spectrum TV content whether it works.

#Tip 5: Re Log in to your Spectrum App

Suppose you have changed your password on your Spectrum TV account, then you should log out and then log in to enter your new password to fix the issue. It will solve the issue when you log in to your new account password and start streaming. It will re-sync with your device and data, which will help your fix the problem.

#Tip 6: Verify your location

Make sure that your current location on your Roku device is the same as your IP Address because the country requires the same address as your Roku device, Router, and Spectrum TV to the same IP Address. You should set your address to the same, or it will cause issues with playing the Spectrum TV content.

#Tip 7: Clear Cache and Data on Roku

Sometimes unwanted data on your device may cause issues while playing any content. So you need to clear it up to get free space and fix the issue while not streaming any video on your Roku device.

#STEP 1 >> Press the Home button from your Roku remote.

#STEP 2 >> Then hit the Home button five times simultaneously.

#STEP 3 >> Afterthat, hit the Up button and rewind twice.

#STEP 4 >> Hit the Fast Forward keys two times continuously.

#STEP 5 >> That’s it. Now it will begin to clear all your cache from the Roku device and clear up the space.

#Tip 8: Check your Subscription

Spectrum TV service offers you three various plans according to your choice. If your subscription expires, you need to renew it to relish the Spectrum TV content on your Roku device. It would help if you also verified your Spectrum TV subscription, whether expired or inactive.

#Tip 9: Update Software on Roku

Suppose your smart TV is not updated for a while, then you should update your TV software to work properly. However, your Roku device will have an issue streaming the Spectrum TV app. So you should need to update your software with your TV. Below are instructions that will lead you to update your software on your Roku-connected TV.

#Tip 10: Contact Spectrum TV Support

If all the ways are not resolved, you need to contact your Spectrum TV support to find the solution to your problems. They will let you know the possible ways to resolve your issue as soon as possible. You should visit their official site to report the issue or contact them by their customer care contact number.

To Conclude:

In this guide, we provide tips to fix the issues streaming on Spectrum TV on Roku devices. There are many more reasons Spectrum TV is not working on your Roku device, but fortunately, we have some solutions for this cause. Here we will provide you with various reasons why Spectrum TV is not working on your device and the ways to fix the issue in your Roku device. If you are still facing an issue while streaming the Spectrum TV content on your Roku device, then let me know in the comment section.

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