How to Fix Spectrum App Not Working on Samsung TV?

Samsung TV is a great explore to stream your desired content, and it lets you stream many great streaming services such as Paramount plus, Hulu, Netflix, Spectrum TV and many more. So here we will go to let you know How to fix the issue when Spectrum TV is not working on your Samsung TV. Keep reading this article to get more information to solve the issue of the Spectrum app not working on Samsung TV.

How to Fix Spectrum App Not Working on Samsung TV?

Spectrum TV App is the best digital cable TV or satellite service in the United States. It is the best app to stream all your favourite content in one service. It offers more than 125 channels to stream as well as more than 85,000 on-demand content on this service. It is also an affordable one. You can stream both On-demand and live content as well as its library content. You can store your desired content on your cloud DVR anywhere. Also, you can set your parental controls on your kids.

Reasons for not working Spectrum TV app on Samsung TV

  • Network speed is too slow or unstable
  • Cache and cookies may cause the issue
  • Due to Server down
  • older version of Spectrum

How to Fix the Issue Spectrum App not working on Samsung TV?

The Spectrum app is not working on your Samsung smart TV for more reasons, but you can resolve the issue by power cycling your TV. First, you must plug your Samsung TV out and wait for a few seconds. Then tap and hold the power key from your Samsung TV for a few seconds. Afterthat, plug in your TV to a power socket.

In that case, your problem will be resolved. If not, try out our tips below to fix the issue on your Samsung smart TV.

#Tip 1: Verify that the Spectrum server down

You should check whether the Spectrum TV apps server may be down or not. You can check it on other devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs. If the server goes down, you must wait for the server to come back online. In that case, you can visit social media like Twitter to check if others are also having this issue or not. The experts will try returning to the server online as soon as possible.

#Tip 2: Check your internet speed

Suppose you have an unstable or slow internet speed. Your Spectrum TV app will cause an issue while streaming. So you need to check the internet speed by connecting to the device. Or otherwise, you should put your router or modem near your TV for fast internet access. If you have slow internet access, contact your network’s customer care service for the slow internet speed. They will find you a better solution to solve the issue.

#Tip 3: Update the Spectrum TV app on Samsung TV

If you don’t update your app with the latest version, you will face an issue while playing the Spectrum TV app content on your TV. So you should update your app from your Samsung TV by given the below procedures.

#STEP 1 >> Hit the Smart Hub key on your TV remote.

#STEP 2 >> Choose Featured option.

#STEP 3 >> Move to the Spectrum TV app, then tap and hold the Enter key until the sub menu occurs.

#STEP 4 >> Now choose Update Apps.

#STEP 5 >> Tap to Select All option from your screen.

#STEP 6 >> At last, choose the Update option Up-to-date your app on Samsung TV.

#Tip 4: Delete and re-install the Spectrum TV app

If you delete the app, re-install it on your Samsung TV. It will resolve the issues sometime.

#STEP 1 >> First, you should need to hit the Home key on your Samsung TV remote.

#STEP 2 >> Choose the app you want to delete, then hit the down key.

#STEP 3 >> After that, choose the remove option and hit the Enter key.

#STEP 4 >> Now, hit the Home key using your TV remote.

#STEP 5 >> Again, go to the Apps section and tap the Up button.

#STEP 6 >> Type the Spectrum app in the search field.

#STEP 7 >> Choose the app to download and install it on your Home screen.

#STEP 8 >> Now open the app and log in with your account credentials.

#STEP 9 >> Start streaming your desired content on your Samsung TV.

#STEP 10 >> Your problem will be resolved after doing this.

#Tip 5: Reset your Router

Try this method in case your router will cause any issues while streaming Spectrum TV on your Samsung TV. You should check whether the router is working or not.

#STEP 1 >> Plug out your router for a few seconds from the power source.

#STEP 2 >> Then plug in back to the power socket.

#STEP 3 >> It will take time to reset your router entirely.

#STEP 4 >>After the resetting process is completed, you can connect it to your Samsung TV and stream Spectrum TV app content.

#Tip 6: Reset Samsung Smart Hub

The Samsung TV’s app store is called Smart Hub. You can reset your Smart Hub to remove all the information in your account and return to the settings by their factory defaults.

#STEP 1 >> First, you must navigate to the Settings using your TV remote. In case you won’t be able to find a settings icon, then hit the Menu key.

#STEP 2 >> Hover over Support and go to the Self Diagnosis.

#STEP 3 >> You will find an option to Reset Smart Hub.

#STEP 4 >> Tap on it, leading you to the TV Pin.

#STEP 5 >> The Samsung TVs default pin is 0000. Suppose if you set any other, then enter it.

#STEP 6 >> At last, your Samsung smart Hub will reset.

#Tip 7: Update your Samsung TV Software

If you don’t update your TV’s software for a while, it may also cause an issue while streaming the content. The older version of your software that doesn’t support your Spectrum TV app may cause the issue. So you must update your TV software by underlying procedures.

#STEP 1 >> Navigate to the Settings option.

#STEP 2 >> Further, choose the Support under the settings.

#STEP 3 >> Hover over the Software Update option.

#STEP 4 >> Pick the Update Software from your Samsung TV.

#STEP 5 >> NOw, it will begin to update the software and wait for it to complete.

New Model TVs are featured with automatic updates of your software. If any new update is available, it will update your software immediately and wait for it to complete. It will take some time to complete the process.

#Tip 8: Re-Log into the Spectrum TV App

Suppose you have changed your password, then you need to re-log into your Spectrum TV account to make sure to update your new password. If you still have an issue with your Spectrum TV app while streaming, then log out from the app and log in again to your Spectrum TV app. It will work sometime if that is the case.

#Tip 9: Error Codes on your App

The Spectrum TV app will cause common error codes while streaming the app content on your Samsung TV that are enlisted below to resolve the issue.

  1. SLP 999: Unable to complete Request – You should wait a few minutes to resolve the issue, restart your app, and try again.
  2. SLP 1035: Program Unavailable – The chosen program is not available at this moment. Choose various programs or try sometime again.
  3. SLC 1001: Unable to complete Request- You should confirm that you are connected with your internet source and then restart the app. After that, try again.
  4. SLP 1002: Channel Unavailable- The selected channel is currently unavailable. Choose another channel or try again after some time.
  5. SCF 1003: Check Connection- Ensure you are linked to an active internet source and restart the Spectrum TV app.
  6. SCH 1002: Unable to Complete Request- You should wait for a few minutes and then restart the app.
  7. SUC 1107: Upgrade to Watch Live TV- Your live TV is unavailable in your subscription. If you want to upgrade and watch live, call this below the screen.
  8. SVP 1108: Unable to Play- Restart the Spectrum TV app and then try again in some time.
  9. SUC 1002: Service Temporarily Unavailable- You should wait for some time, then restart your Spectrum app.
  10. SLP 1999: Unable to Complete Request- Stay on the screen for a few minutes and then restart your app.

Final Verdict:

From this article, we have explained many more ways to get rid of your Spectrum TV app when not working on your Samsung smart TV. You should try that method, and we hope it may be helpful to resolve the issue on your Spectrum TV while playing on your Samsung smart TV. If that case, you can quickly fix the issue by following our detailed guide. Still, if you cannot fix the issue, mention them using your comment box.

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