How to Download Spectrum App on Samsung Smart TV?

Spectrum app was the most famous streaming service. It allows you to watch the on-demand content on your streaming device. Today I will guide you to Install and Watch the Spectrum App on Samsung Smart TVAlso, we have given the streaming process on the Spectrum TV app on your Samsung TV device. 

How to Download Spectrum App on Samsung Smart TV

Trust me and read the article entirely; we will provide the subscription details and the alternative methods to watch the Spectrum App on Samsung Smart TV. Let us start reading the content together.

Do the Spectrum App available on Samsung Smart TV?

Spectrum TV App was available on the Samsung Smart TV. You can download this television content streaming mobile app from the Samsung Galaxy App Store. We have given the image for your reference for the compatibility of your Samsung Smart TV streaming device.

Spectrum App on Samsung TV

Here you can see the Samsung Smart TV was given in the image. And it was announced by the Spectrum Network officially. Next topic: Onwards, you can get the Spectrum app’s installation and streaming process on your Samsung Smart TV.

How to Download Spectrum App on Samsung TV?

As we proved in the above topic, the Spectrum Television streaming service was available on the Samsung Galaxy App Store. So, all you have to do is follow the steps and the instructions we have given in this article.

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Create an Account on Spectrum:

Before Installing the Spectrum App on your Samsung Smart TV, we have to create an account on the Spectrum app. Then we will get the user account, which will be easy to stream after installing the app.


Use your Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop and open the web browser internet app on your device screen.


Tap the URL bar on the Web Browser home page and search for the ” Spectrum App ” in the given search space.


You can see the My Account option given at the top side of the Spectrum website home page.


Focus on the left side page of the Spectrum website and click on the Create a Username option which gets mentioned in the image below.

Create Account on Spectrum App


On the Account creating page, you need to enter your active mail address or mobile number.

Create Account on Spectrum TV App


Please scroll down to the page and enable the I am not a Robot option. Now, click on the Next option. Then follow the on-screen instructions and create the new user account on the Spectrum app. Read the following topics to get the Spectrum app on your Samsung Smart Television.

Install Spectrum App on Samsung TV:

Follow the steps and the moves we have given in the below portion of this topic. Here you may go:


First, we have to set up your Samsung Smart TV with a high-speed internet connection. The high-speed network helps us with the speed of action.


Take your Samsung Smart TV remote control and tap on the Smart Hub button to go to the home page of your Samsung Smart TV.


On your Samsung Smart TV home page, you can see the Apps section given in the menu toolbar.


After clicking on the Apps section, you have to move towards to the Search option at the beginning of the App Store Page.


Type as ” Spectrum TV App ” in the given search field and hit the search magnifying glass to get the app on your Samsung TV screen.


Pick the Spectrum TV App from the search suggestion on your Samsung TV big screen and click on the Install button to launch the Spectrum App on Samsung TV.


After the Spectrum App gets downloaded on your Samsung Smart TV device, go to the All Apps section or Apps and Games section on your Samsung Television device.


On the home page of the Spectrum App, you need to select the Sign In button to get into your user credentials. Enter the Username and Password in the given space on the Spectrum app page.

Sign In with Spectrum TV App

Here you will install the Spectrum App on Samsung Smart TV. Now, you can watch what you want to stream in the Spectrum Television content streaming service on your Samsung TV streaming device.

An Alternative Method to Get Spectrum App on Samsung TV:

In the above topic, we have installed and streamed the Spectrum App directly on your Samsung Smart Television from Samsung Galaxy App Store. Here we are going to use the Screen Mirroring method on your Samsung Smart TV.


In the First and foremost step, you need to link up your Android and Smart Television with a similar Wi-Fi connection.


Then, your Android Phone has a Google Play Store app. Open the app on your Android phone and move to the next step.


Tap the search icon at the beginning of the App Store page. You have to look up for the Spectrum App in the given search space.

Spectrum TV App for Google Play Store


After searching for the Spectrum app, you need to dig out the app on your Android device screen. Then, select the Install button to get the app on your device.


A few moments later, the Spectrum TV app was installed on your Android device. You have to move to your device’s Home Screen and unwrap the installed app.


Click on the Sign In option on the Spectrum Television app home page. There you have to enter your user account credentials.

Screen Mirror Spectrum App on Samsung TV:


Now, you will get through to the streaming page of the Spectrum Television app. Select any video content on the Spectrum TV app and play it on your Android device screen.


Go to the navigational section of your Android phone and find the Cast icon. Tap on the cast icon.


Your Android phone shows you the tiny window of the streaming device list. There you have to click on the Samsung Smart TV in the window.

It takes time to connect. After a while, your Samsung Smart Televison shows the Spectrum App on Samsung TV. You can watch the Spectrum Television channel’s content, shows, and other entertainment videos on your Samsung Smart TV display.

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How much does Spectrum TV App cost?

Spectrum TV App was a mobile streaming service, and it was compatible with many streaming devices. You can also install and stream this Spectrum Television app on other external streaming devices like Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Firestick, and Now TV Stick device.

So, the Spectrum TV App allows us to watch the content on its streaming platform for free of cost. You can watch all the content given in the Spectrum TV App for free.

Our Final Notes:

Here you can Install and Watch the Spectrum App on Samsung TV. We have given two methods of streaming Spectrum App on your device. You can download the Spectrum Television app from your Samsung TV in-built App Store.

Follow the steps and the guidelines we have given in the above section of this article. We have mentioned the Subscription Plan details of the Spectrum Television app in this article. If you need any extra information about the Spectrum Television app, you can drop a message in the comment section.

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