How to Download and Install SportsDevil Add-on on Kodi

From a media player application like Kodi, you can always expect to have a humongous amount of content. But what if you were told that you can have access to all kinds of sporting events from just one add-on? SportsDevil is one such add-on dedicated completely to sports. This article is all about the SportsDevil add-on and its installation on Kodi.

SportsDevil on Kodi

What is SportsDevil?

SportsDevil is a third-party Kodi add-on that provides you access to all kinds of Sports content such as live sporting events and on-demand sports content. It provides you access to live sporting events such as Premier League, NFL, NCAA, NFL, and whatnot. It doesn’t even let PPV events like UFC and Boxing getaway. 

Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Tennis, Motorsport, Rugby, Snooker – whatever sport you are interested in, just name it. You’ll find it in SportsDevil. For all the content it provides, SportsDevil offers different video qualities from as low as 420p to as high as Full HD and lets you choose your preferred quality. Providing all these content for free, it is the ultimate sports Kodi add-on for all types of professional sports fans. 

SportsDevil hosts content itself and also gathers content from other sources. So, either way, you will be provided the content you look for. It is a very popular Kodi add-on that you can find SportsDevil in many Kodi repositories such as Lazykodi, Supremacy, Kodi, One Nation Portal and more. 

SportsDevil works on all platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Firestick, Roku, Raspberry Pi, and all Kodi supporting devices.

Let us start by installing the SportsDevil add-on on Kodi.

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How to Download and Install SportsDevil on Kodi?

Prerequisite to Installing SportsDevil Add-on on Kodi

Since SportsDevil is a third-party Kodi Add-on, first you will have to let Kodi allow add-ons to be downloaded from unknown sources. 

# Step 1. Launch the Kodi app and click Settings from its home screen.

kodi settings

# Step 2. Under the Settings section, click on System.

kodi system

# Step 3. Click Add-ons from the left and enable Unknown sources on the right by clicking the toggle switch.

kodi unknown sources

# Step 4. A warning prompt will appear on which you just have to click on Yes. You don’t have to worry about the warning as SportsDevil is completely safe.

kodi unknown warning

Installing SportsDevil Add-on on Kodi

Now that the prerequisite is done, let us get along with the installation of the SportsDevil add-on.

# Step 1. Return back to the home screen and click on Settings.

kodi settings

# Step 2. In the next window, select File Manager.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi file manager

# Step 3. Select the Add source option from either side of the screen to open it.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi add source

# Step 4. Click <None> in the Add File Source window that appears.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi add source url

# Step 5. Enter the URL for the CY repo in the space that appears and click OK.

sportsdevil addon on kodi source url

# Step 6. Under the ‘Enter a name for this media source’, give a name of your choice for the source URL and click OK. I’m going to go with CY.

sportsdevil addon on kodi cy repo source url


# Step 7. Return back to the home screen of Kodi and select Add-ons.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi add-ons tab

# Step 8. Select the Package Installer (Folder/Box Icon) from the top left corner of the window.

kodi package installer

# Step 9. Choose the Install from zip file option in the next window.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi install from zip file

# Step 10. Scroll down and locate the name that you have given the source URL which is CY in this case and click on it.

sportsdevil addon on kodi select cy zip

# Step 11. Select the from the list and click on OK. 

sportsdevil addon on kodi cy repo zip file

In a few minutes, you’ll find the cy4root Repository add-on installed notification at the top right corner of the screen. Once this is done, you’ll find 3 pop-up windows appearing on the screen. Click the appropriate buttons to get rid of these windows.

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How to Install SportsDevil from cy4root Repo in Kodi?

# Step 1. Now, click on the ‘Install from Repository’ option.

sportsdevil addon on kodi install from repo

# Step 2. From the list, locate the cy4root Repository and click on it.

sportsdevil addon on kodi select cy4root repo

# Step 3. Click on Video Add-ons in the cy4root repo directory.

sportsdevil addon on kodi cy repo video addon

# Step 4. Scroll down the list, locate SportsDevil, and click on it. 

sportsdevil addon on kodi click sportsdevil

# Step 5. The SportsDevil window that appears, click the Install button from the bottom of the screen.

sportsdevil addon on kodi sportsdevil install

Now, you just have to wait for the SportsDevil add-on to be installed on Kodi which will usually be done in a minute or two. 

Return to the home screen of Kodi and click Add-ons again. In the Video add-ons window, you’ll find the SportsDevil add-on here. Clicking on it will launch the add-on. 

You’ll find the following menu categories. 

sportsdevil addon on kodi categories

Favorites to easily bookmark your favorite channels and streams.

Highlights to watch the most spectacular moment of recent matches.

Live Sports to tune in to live sports streams online.

Sports TV to view a wide variety of sports events and to catch up with sports replay channels.

Live TV to stream network movies and TV shows online.

As I said earlier, SportsDevil features a variety of sports. In addition to this, you can watch even more sporting events when you stream SportsDevil online. 

sportsdevil addon on kodi sports list

Why is VPN important when using SportsDevil?

Although SportsDevil offers sports content from everywhere across the globe, it doesn’t necessarily mean that SportsDevil is free to access everywhere around the world. 

Using a VPN, you will be able to mask your IP address and thereby access content even if it restricted in your country. 

SportsDevil offers copyrighted content for free which is clearly piracy. Also, being a third-party add-on, SportsDevil might pose a risk anytime, if not now. To prevent yourself from being in the path of lawsuits, using a VPN is most important. 

Hitches in using SportsDevil

SportsDevil, although provides sports content in a humongous amount, lacks a basic feature. It has no search functionality. For instance, if you’d like to watch a soccer match telecasted a few days before, you have to search for it manually as it doesn’t allow you to search for sports content based on its categories. 

Another problem with SportsDevil is that it provides you with content from unverified sources. Even if it doesn’t pose any threat now, it doesn’t mean that you will be safe from malicious files. It can be solved by using a VPN.

Wrapping Up

SportsDevil is one of the best and most reliable Kodi add-on dedicated to sports content. You can have the SportsDevil add-on installed from any Kodi repository as the installation process is the same for all repositories. 

With SportsDevil installed on your Kodi, just launch the add-on, select any sporting event, and enjoy!

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