How to Watch Stanley Cup on TV? [Quick Installation]

 Stanley Cup is a Trophy Presenting network to the National Hockey League [ NHL ]. You can watch the Championship league on your Streaming devices. Here I am going to show you learn How to Watch Stanley Cup on TV. We have given you the ways to watch the Stanley Cup on your Smart TV or any available streaming device.

How to Watch Stanley Cup on TV [Quick Installation]

Here we have given the possible methods of watching the Stanley Cup on your Television streaming device. Read the entire content and know where you can able to stream the Stanley Cup on TV.

How to Watch Stanley Cup on TV?

We do not have a direct mobile app to watch the Stanley Cup on your Smart TV device. You have to choose the Streaming Services and get the subscription package to watch the Stanley Cup on your streaming device. I have listed the Streaming device’s name in the below section of this content.

#1 >> ABC >> on ( DirecTV  Stream )

#2 >> ESPN >> on ( Fubo TV )

#3 >> ESPN 2 >> on ( Hulu Plus Live TV )

#4 >> TVS >> on ( Sling TV )

#5 >> TNT >> on ( YouTube TV )

These are all the streaming services and the Television channels to watch the Stanley Cup on TV. Get the installation and the streaming procedure of these mentioned Streaming services on your Smart TV streaming devices.

Install DirecTV Stream on TV:

We have taken the DirecTV Stream streaming service for the installation and streaming procedure. It was a demo for getting all other apps. So, pay a keen observation on the steps we have given below.


First, your Smart TV needs an Internet source. So, connect it with your home’s standard Wi-Fi internet connection and Turn On your TV.


Tap on the Home Button on your available TV Brand remote control to pop up the home page on your TV Screen.


You can see the Apps or Search option given on the home screen of your Smart TV device. Click on the option.


There you have to click on the Search button on the home screen of your Smart TV in-built App Store.

(Note: You can use the on-screen typing keyboard to search the essential content on your Smart TV screen)


Find the DirecTV Stream in the given search space on your device App Store page. After hitting the search icon, you will get the result from your App Store app.


Pick the DirecTV Stream app from the result and highlight the installation page on your Smart TV screen. Then click on the Install or Download option given at your TV brand.


After you get the downloaded notification of the DirecTV Stream, you have to open the Apps and Games section on your TV. There you can open the installed DirecTV app on your device screen.

Watch Stanley Cup on TV:


Tap the search option to find the ABC Channel. Type and search for the Television Channel on the DirecTV stream.

Here you can watch the Stanley Cup on TV. I hope the installation and the streaming procedure are helpful to you. Please do the same procedure for the above-given streaming service on its platform.

Compatible Devices:

You can see the Compatible streaming devices for the DirecTV Stream service. You can also use the External Streaming Services with your Smart TV HDMI pathway.

DirecTV compatible devices

How much does DirecTV cost?

DirecTV Stream was a paid streaming service, and you have to get a subscription package to stream the Television channels on your Smart TV device. DirecTV has four kinds of Subscription packages. The cost of the packages and benefits of the DirecTV package has given in the image mentioned below:

DirecTV subscription package

Choose any one of the subscription packages and stream the Stanley Cup on TV. Using the streaming Television channels.

ESPN on Fubo TV – (Stanley Cup on TV):

The same installation procedure we have given on the above topic. For this combo, you can use the same on your device. And Fubo TV was a subscription streaming service.

Compatible Devices:

You can get the Fubo TV streaming service on the streaming devices we have given in the image on this topic. Check your available streaming device given in the image and download it now on your device and watch Stanley on TV.

Fubo TV compatible Devices

Subscription Cost of Fubo TV:

Fubo TV Subscription Package and the cost get given in the following mentioned image. You can get any one of the subscription packages which is convenient to you.

Fubo TV Subscription Package

ESPN 2 on Hulu Plus Live TV:

ESPN 2 was a popular sports streaming service, and you can watch live sports on your Smart TV device. Also, Hulu specializes in streaming Live streaming television content.

Compatible Devices:

Refer to the given list of the streaming devices to watch the Hulu Plus Live TV to stream Stanley Cup on TV. Here they are:

  • Android
  • iOS Devices
  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Firestick
  • Android TV
  • Google TV and more streaming devices like this. You can also watch the Hulu Plus Live TV on your Smartphone.

Subscription Cost of Hulu Plus Live TV:

Check the image we have given bottom and install the Hulu Plus Live TV on your Smart TV streaming device. Then search for the ESPN 2 on Hulu Plus Live TV streaming service and watch the Stanley Cup on your Smart TV.

Hulu subscription package

TVS on Sling TV -(Watch Stanley Cup on TV):

Sling TV streaming service was famous for steaming the Television Channels on your Smart TV device. You can watch the Stanley Cup NHL network on the TVS sports content streaming television channel.

Compatible Devices:

  • Android Phones
  • iOS Devices
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Roku TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Laptops

Get the Sling TV streaming service on your available streaming devices, which is available on the given list.

Subscription Cost of Sling TV:

Sling TV subscription has two colours of subscription packages on its streaming platform. Check the cost of the Sling TV subscription on the given image.

Sling TV Subscription Package

Pick your friendly-budget subscription package and watch the Stanley Cup on TV. Use the installation steps we have given in the above topic.

TNT on YouTube TV:

YouTube TV was famous for streaming live television content on your Smart TV streaming device. Also, it allows us to watch the Sports content on its streaming platform. Know the Subscription cost and its benefits in the uploaded image on this topic.

Compatible Devices:

The YouTube TV content streaming service was available on all streaming platforms. You can get the app from your device’s in-built App Store.

YouTube TV compatible devices

Subscription Cost of YouTube TV:

YouTube TV has two kinds of subscription packages to watch the content included on its streaming platform. The package details and cost gets given in the image we have uploaded.

YouTube TV Subscription Packages

Our Final Notes:

You can get the Stanley Cup on TV by using the external streaming service installed on your Smart TV streaming device. We have given the list of streaming services and the applicable Television Channels to watch the Sports Content on your TV.

Here we have Five Television Channels and Five Streaming Services, and you can shuffle the channel and television content provider and watch the Stanley Cup on your Smart TV streaming device. If you need more information about the streaming service or any other streaming services or channels, you can drop a comment in the given message space below.

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