How to Install and Watch Starz on PS4? Updated 2022

Nowadays, video gaming is the flagship of digital networks. By the way, I am here to explain Starz on PS4. Starz is like a cable TV network service. And PS4 is the most famous video gaming device all over the world.

If you are a Play Station lover and looking forward to streaming the Starz network on your PS4 device, then this is the right article for you. This article guides you to get the Starz app and stream the TV content on its platform on your home video game Play Station 4 device.

How to Install and Watch Starz on PS4

What is Starz?

Lion’s gate owned Starz. Starz is an American conventional cable and satellite TV network streaming service. You can stream all kinds of TV content, such as Movies, Shows, Live News, Live Sports, and on-demand videos or episodes on the Starz platform. Starz was compatible with all streaming devices supported by its network. In this article, we mentioned the installation process for Starz on your PS4 device. Let us see how it works.

Is Starz on PS4?

Regrettably, the Starz streaming service is not available on the Sony Play Station 4 gaming device. But do not worry about it; we have another plan to get the app on your Ps4 device. So we will screen Mirroring and sideload the Starz service on your play Station 4 device. We have two different methods to install and stream the Starz TV content streaming app on your Sony Play Station 4 device. Let us see how it works and how to install it on your device.

Features of Starz

Starz is an American cable and satellite network streaming service. You can watch all available TV content on the Starz platform. So, the Starz community gives us unique features, benefits, and highlights to attract the customer to feel worth downloading it. Let us see the features and benefits that Starz offers for users. The features are:

  • Starz provides the Parental control feature to the user because it protects your children from watching unnecessary content.
  • You have to use one Starz account for the entire family.
  • Also, you can stream Starz TV content on up to two devices simultaneously in a different region.
  • Starz allows us to download your favorite content on its platform. And you can watch it offline.
  • No network source is needed to watch the downloaded content.
  • Outlander, Vida, and Power original series are also available on the Starz platform.
  • You can stream TV shows, Movies, and Kid-related programs in the Starz service.

So, these are all the features, benefits, and highlights that we mentioned here for you. Go and download the Starz network on your Sony Play Station 4 device and experience more features and benefits practically in your home.

How much does Starz cost?

Starz had a monthly package, and it was a very friendly budget for the customers. We mentioned the below space as an image format. Look at that. Pick your economically supported subscription package on Starz.

Starz Subscription Package

So, look at the image, and this is the payment procedure screenshot. Here they ask us to select the validity of our subscription package. For monthly pay, they cost $8.99, and if you decide on the quarterly period, it costs $23.99 it is available for three months. You can get all features and benefits given in the Starz service. Note down the subscription purchase date and renew it correctly for uninterrupted services. Pick your budget-friendly validity and enjoy all entertainment movies, shows, and other content available on the Starz network

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How to Watch Starz on PS4?

As we discussed before, the Starz TV content streaming service is not available on your Sony Play Station device. So, you can not download and launch the Starz app directly on your Play Station 4 gaming device. But we have two different ways to stream it on your available device. To get the methods to get the app, all you have to do is, follow the step-by-step instructions given below. The instructions are as follows:

So, now we will use the Streaming services to stream Starz on PS4. The streaming services include Netflix, Hulu Plus Live TV, and the Amazon Prime Video app since it is available on your PS4 app store directly and also includes the Starz channel on their channel lineup.

Install Netflix on PS4 to Stream Starz:

Step 1: Insert PS4.

First and foremost, insert your Sony Play Station 4 gaming device on your Smart TV HDMI portal.

Step 2: Wi-Fi connection.

Now, bind up your Smart TV and PS4 device with the same Wi-Fi internet connection. The high-speed internet source is helpful for the speed of access to installation and streaming.

Step 3: Play Station App Store.

Take off your Sony Play Station 4 device’s remote control and go to the Play Station App Store.

Sony Play Station Store

Step 4: Search.

Click the search option in the top middle side of the Play Station App Store. Then search for the streaming service we took, for example, Netflix in the respective search bar.

Search optionin PlayStation 4

Step 5: Install.

Choose the required Netflix app from the search suggestion list. Then head towards the Install key to get the Netflix app on your PS4 device.

Netflix on PS4

Step 6: Open.

After installing the Netflix app, click the Open button to launch the app. Otherwise, you can get back to the Play Station home screen and had toward the Apps and Games section. Here you can unfold the installed Netflix application.

Step 7: Login.

Go to the login option in the Netflix app. Get into the Netflix service with your Sign-In account details authorization.

Step 8: Select Starz.

Starz was add-on the Netflix service. Now you can stream Starz TV content on Netflix on Sony Play Station 4 device. So, search Starz in the given required space and select it.

Our Final Words:

So, we have clear now about the today topic of Starz on PS4. We have already discussed Starz’s compatibility with the Sony Play Station 4 device. You can not install and stream the Starz TV content streaming service directly on Play Station 4.

If you skip the topic, please scroll up and read out the instructions, and stream the Starz app on your PS4 device in your home. But we used alternative methods to pour it on your PS4 device. We prefer the on-screen typing keyboard to search the required content in the given space, but also, we can use the voice search option to search the content in the search bar. Click the voice search button on your device’s remote control device.

If you get helpful information from this article, please drop your valuable feedback in the given comment box below.

If you get confused or have queries about the entire content, kindly share and mention your doubts and questions in the given comment space.


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