How to Watch Super Bowl on Xbox?

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What is Super Bowl?

Super Bowl Game

Super Bowl is the final game of the NFL. NFL means National Football League. It was the most awaited sport in America and had its vast separate fan base. It had two types of conferences: the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. In each panel, there are 16 teams in it. The top two teams will qualify for the Super Bowl game at the end of the match.

Know about Xbox:


Microsoft creates Xbox, and it is the video Gaming brand. It Included this Xbox with the five video gaming consoles. And it had streaming services, apps, and online providers by the brand name Xbox Network. The first generation of Xbox allows users to play a game online with a broadcast connection or without. Xbox had up to four generations of gaming consoles in their network. Every console has several types of games. The Xbox SmartGlass is an associate app for Xbox 360, and it was obtainable for Windows Phone, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Server, iOS, and Android OS. Also, refer to How to Jailbreak Xbox 360?

How to Watch Super Bowl on Xbox?

Unfortunately, Xbox has no official application to stream Super Bowl on your device. We had an alternative way to stream NFL Super Bowl on Xbox. You can stream it through the streaming service platforms like Fubo TV, Hulu Tv, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, YouTube TV, and Peacock TV. 

These are all the sports streaming applications, and you can use these apps to stream Super Bowl on Xbox. To get it on your device, follow the steps we have given in step by step.

Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Initially, turn on your Xbox gadget and set it with a speed Wi-Fi network connection. Then go straight to the Xbox Store or Microsoft Store. 

Xbox Store

Step 2: Click the search key and search for NBC Sports in the search bar. Then select the app from the search result.

(You can also use the on-screen typing keyboard to search )

Xbox on-screen keyboard

Step 3: Select the Add Channel button to get the app on your device. Then head towards your device’s home screen and unfold the installed NBC Sports app.

NBC on Xbox

Step 4: Log in to the app, and a verification code will appear on your device. Note down the code and go to the official website of NBC Sports.

Step 5: This is the NBC Sports official Activation Website. Visit this website and enter the code in the required space.

Before that, please tap on the Select your device option and choose your Xbox device.

NBC Activation Page

Step 6: Head towards the Continue key to get into t0 the NBC Sports App.

Go to the NBC Sports app and select the Super Bowl game on the NBC app through your Xbox device. Don’t forget to get a snack and drink. Without these, it was incomplete. Enjoy the game and support your favourite team. For your reference, Get Disney Plus on XBOX 360 | Xbox one

Stream the Super Bowl on Amazon Prime Video:

This section will learn how to watch Super Bowl games on Amazon Prime. If you want to get these means, follow our suggestions below:

Amazon Prime Video

  • In Amazon Prime”s all-access channel, get sign up for a Free Trial of Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Page

  •  Now switch on the Xbox device.
  • Go to the App Store and download the Amazon Prime Video app. If you already have the app, then open it.
  • Log in with your authorization. Don’t have an account, create your account on the Amazon Prime Video app.
  • Select the CBS all access on the app or tap on the TV Shows option.
  • Now navigate to the Your Channel and click it. Here you can see the CBS all access option; select it.
  • Go straight to the Watch Live section and tap Local CBS Station. Then initiate streaming the Super Bowl previous game and upcoming game schedule.

How to Watch Super Bowl via Fubo TV:

You can stream on-demand shows and content on Fubo TV. It was the content streaming platform. And it permits its users to watch many ranges, such as the NBC Sports Network that will telecast the Super Bowl LVI. Let us see how to stream it on Fubo TV.

Fubo TV

  • Initially, turn on your Xbox device.
  • Get into the Fubo TV app and start your Free Trial.

Fubo TV Page

  • If you want to download the Fubo TV, go to the App Store and install the application on your Xbox device.
  • Now unwrap the downloaded Fubo TV app and continue with your login credential.
  • Identify the CBS all-access, start streaming the Super Bowl game, and enjoy your favourite team play.

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Stream through CBS All-access:

If you are confused about streaming the Super Bowl on CBS All-access, scroll down and refer to the instructions below.

Step 1: Insert your Xbox device into your TV. Use your device remote to reach the home screen and hit the Store at the top of the screen.

xbox home screen

Now click the search icon and type CBS All-access in the search bar. Pick the app that pops up on the search list.

Step 2: Tap the Get to install the CBS app from Microsoft Store.

Press the installed application to initiate the login process. Sign up with your Login credential, and the code will appear on your device screen.

Step 3: Go straight to the web browser on your smartphone or laptop, open the official CBS activation website and enter the code in the required box.

CBS activation on Xbox

Then hit the Activate key to get into the app.

Get back to your TV screen and log in with your access authorization. Start watching the Sports events and Super Bowl live or broadcast matches.

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The End Note:

You may easily stream your favourite sport Super Bowl through your Xbox device. With the streaming service we have given above, you can stream all sports-related content. Also, you can watch the live sports event. Apply our instructions to get it in a straightforward method. The same education can apply to every streaming service we mentioned above.

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