How to Watch TBN on YouTube TV? [Updated 2022]

Know about TBN on YouTube TV and other alternative ways to watch it with the instructions provided in this article. In this article, you can learn about TBN and whether it is present on YouTube TV, the information on different devices that get used to watching TBN, and the steps to access TBN on your device. Learn more by reading this article to the end.

Is TBN on YouTube TV?

No, Unfortunately, the TBN channel is not available on YouTube TV. But you can watch the TBN network youtube channel on YouTube.


TBN logo

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). It is a Christian Television Broadcast Network founded in 1973 by Pau and Han Crouch. You can access TBN anywhere, anytime and stream one of the 11 networks, and access 9,000+ programs from its video library.

This extensive network is watched most in the American faith and family channel, which provides uplifting, positive live and on-demand content. You can get the TBN on your Apple and Android device from App Store and Google Play.


The features offered by TBN for its customers are,

  • Live Broadcast from TBN Network
  • Multiple program categories
  • Variety of Faith topics
  • Watch videos that interest you.

TBN Available Devices:

You can access TBN on devices like,

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple TV
  • Android
  • Android TV
  • Roku
  • FireTV
  • Chromecast
  • PC

TBN supported devices

How to Create Account on TBN?

To create an account on TBN, follow the instructions carefully,

  • On your device web browser, go to
  • Here you can enter the details asked and press “Join.”

tbn account sign up

Your TBN account gets successfully created, and you will get the newsletter to your registered email ID.

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Alternate ways to watch TBN:

You can watch TBN on your smartphones, TV, and PC. To watch TBN follow the methods given for each device.

iOS Device (iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV):

You can download the TBN app on your iOS devices from Apple App Store and enjoy watching the content by signing in to your account. There are no subscription charges, but you can give donations if you want. The size of the app is 47.4 MB.

tbn on iOS devices

Android Devices ( Phone, TV, Tablet):

On your Android device, you can download the TBN app from Google Play Store. You can sign in to the app by using your TBN credentials. The size of the app is 54 MB.

tbn on iOS devices


From your Roku Channel Store, you can download the TBN Networks TV channel to your Roku device and watch it on your TV.

TBN on Roku

Fire TV:

Since the TBN app is available on Amazon App Store, you can downlaod it easily on your Fire TV and watch America’s most-watched faith channel for free. The size of the app is 18.3 MB.

tbn on fire tv


If you have connected your PC to the internet, you can use the web browser to watch TBN from its official website.

tbn website


Connecting your Chromecast device to your TV HDMI port allows you to watch TBN by casting other device screens that have TBN access onto your TV. You can Airplay or mirror from your iOS devices also.

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How to Access TBN on any Device?

You can freely access all the contents and benefits offered by TBN for you by following the simple procedures,

Log In:

To log in to your TBS account, the steps to be followed are,

  • Launch the TBN app or channel on your device.
  • Select Log in if you have already signed in.
  • Enter your email ID and the password you used to create an account on TBN.

After logging in, you can access all the content on TBN for free.


This option is available for users with PC. You can find the download option below the content page.

  • Click on the video you want to download.
  • Now select the Video Download dropdown.
  • From the dropdown, select the Video Resolution you want.
  • The content gets downloaded on your PC.

You can now watch the downloaded content offline anywhere, anytime you want.

Contents to watch on TBN:

Some of the contents that are available to watch now are,

  • Sabina: Tortured for Christ – The Nazi
  • Women of Faith Bundle
  • Jesus in The Storm
  • 2nd Chance: Dark to Light
  • He is Risen: A Collection of Sunday Messages.
  • This Dangerous Book
  • Free Town
  • Travel The Road
  • Abraham Accords
  • Healing Power
  • Jesus, The Game Changer

and you can watch many more by signing in.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is TBN on YouTube TV?

No, Unfortunately, the TBN channel is not available on YouTube TV. But you can watch the TBN network youtube channel on YouTube.

How to Watch TBN for Free?

To watch free, go to the official website of TBN and select the “Watch Free” icon. If you have an account already, click on login; if not, enter the details asked and sign up to TBN. After signing in, you can watch TBN for free.

You can learn about TBN on YouTube TV and other information on TBN by watching its YouTube channel. From the content provided, if you have some difficulties understanding and have any doubts ask in the comment section provided at the end of the page. Thank you for reading my article without skipping any information from start to end.

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