How to Turn Off Subtitles on Panasonic Smart TV?

In this write-up, we are going to include possible ways How to Turn off Subtitles on Panasonic Smart TV without caution. Naturally, subtitles help us to get clear ideas oriented to a particular topic. But, sometimes, it is not an essential need to stream some content. For this issue, It would be better to turn off  Subtitles. If you are worried about the methodology of turning it off, Our article will guide you to Turn Off Subtitles on Panasonic Smart TV.

How to Turn off Subtitles on Panasonic Smart TV

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How to Turn Off Subtitles on Panasonic Smart TV?

As we told you before, You can quickly Turn off Subtitles on your Panasonic Smart Tv with some techniques. You can find some dedication options to disable the CC (Closed Caption)option. You can turn off subtitles on Panasonic smart tv in two different ways.

  • Using Panasonic remote controller.
  • Another one is using software settings.

So in this portion, we are going to see a simple method to disable Panasonic Tv CC effortlessly. An upcoming guide will show the solution to turn it off.

Turn off using Remote Controller.

The Panasonic Remote has a dedicated button to Turn off and on the subtitle option with a single click. Here we guide the procedure to disable subtitles on Panasonic Smart Tv using its remote controller.

  • Power your Panasonic Smart Tv and connect it with the Wifi Connection.
  • Then launch the app and play the video that you want to stream on the Panasonic screen.
  • Then, Click on the STTL button on your remote panel, which is placed near the arrow buttons.
  • Once you tap it, you will get a subtitle menu with the toggles on your Panasonic Smart tv.
  • Now disable the subtitles option using your remote panel to turn off  CC.

Remember, this feature is only available on Panasonic Viera remote. If you are using another model TV remote app, you cannot utilize this feature on your device.

How to Turn off Subtitles on Panasonic TV Without Using remote?

In case your Panasonic Smart TFV is not a Viera model, and you want to turn off subtitles on your Panasonic tv, You can follow our guide. In these steps, we are going to use the software setting to disable the CC option on your Smart Tv.

  • Power your Panasonic TV and tap the menu button on your Panasonic remote controller to get the menu bar.
  • On the menu bar, find and click the setup option using your remote on your Panasonic Tv.
  • Now, you will get the setup menu on display and select the CC option.
  • Then click the OK button to get the next tab on your Panasonic TV.
  • Then you can easily disable or enable the subtitles feature on your Panasonic Smart TV as per your wish.
  • Turn it off and stream all your favorite shows on the Panasonic screen without a closed caption.

How to Turn off Subtitles While Streaming on Panasonic TV?

This portion will tell you how to turn off Subtitles while Streaming on your Panasonic Tv. You can turn off the annoying subtitles on your Tv screen while streaming. Here we talk about turning off the subtitles on your Panasonic TV. The steps are,

  • Install and launch the Streaming app on your  Panasonic TV.
  • Confirm and play any content.
  • Next step, you can adjust the Arrow keys until you get the Menu on your Panasonic screen.
  • Then, choose the dialogue option located on your screen.
  • Finally, click the changes your caption option and click the turn-off option on your Panasonic screen to turn off the Panasonic Smart TV.

This is the way of turning off subtitles while streaming on your Panasonic Smart Tv.

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How to Turn off Subtitles on Panasonic DVD recorder?

The Panasonic recorder is one of the best DVD players for streaming all types of content. We will guide you to Turning off the subtitles on the Panasonic recorder. Steps are,

  • Initially, press the select drive option to select the DVD drive.
  • After this, press the display option.
  • After that, adjust the up and down arrow marks to get the disk menu on your DVD screen.
  • Then click the right-side arrow to move to the next screen.
  • On that next screen, choose the subtitles menu from the disk menu on your Panasonic DVD screen.
  •  Click the off button from the subtitles menu to turn off the Subtitles on your Panasonic DVD screen.
  • Press the exit button back to your Panasonic DVD Screen and play content.
  • Now, your Panasonic DVD Screen will not appear on the subtitles on your DVD screen.


We have mentioned some easy ways to get disable the subtitles. We hope you will enjoy this article and learn more details and easy methods to disable the subtitles on your Panasonic Smart TV. Panasonic Smart Will allow you to turn off and turn on the closed caption features on your TV without any restriction.

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