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Twitter is an American Communication Company. Also known as Social Media. If you want to get Twitter on Xboxyou can refer to this content page to learn how to install the Twitter app on your Xbox 360, One, Series gaming console device. Read all the given topics in this article.

How to Get Twitter on Xbox Share & Discover 2022

Initially, you have to know about what is a Twitter platform. Then, you have to know whether Twitter was available on Xbox or not. Do not strain to afford the details; scroll down and read the topics and the paragraphs given. Each topic will teach you the needed information for you.


Twitter is an American Communication Company based in San Francisco. The Twitter company was runs the Websites and the Twitter Social Media communication app. At one time, It was run the creeper small video app and the live watching app. You can post images and videos and read news on the Twitter app. It was the same as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat. The Official site address is

Is Twitter on Xbox?

Yes, Now you can download and access the Twitter on an Xbox gaming console device. But unfortunately, you can download the Twitter app on all Xbox devices. You can download the Twitter only on Xbox One. From now, the Xbox One device only has the Twitter app.

Twitter on Xbox

Soon it was available on other Xbox devices too. Now, you can download the Twitter app on your Xbox gaming console and enjoy seeing the post and upload your story and image on the Twitter page. Read the upcoming topic to get the Twitter on Xbox.

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How to Get Twitter on Xbox?

You can download Twitter only on the Xbox One gaming console device. In this topic, I have given the Downloading methods to get the app on your Xbox One gaming console device.

Steps to Follow:


  • First, Interject the Xbox One gaming console with your Smart Television device using the HDMI cable or using the USB Cable.


  • Now, your Smart TV and Xbox One require similar Wi-Fi connections to run together. Set up with the ethernet cable or wireless.


  • Take off your Xbox One controller and tap the Home source key given on the Xbox controller. It will take you to the home page of the device.


  • There you can see the apps section on the menu options. There you have to click on the ” Apps Marketplace ” icon on your Xbox One screen.


  • Now, you will be taken to the Xbox Microsoft App Store page. Select the search symbol on the Xbox Microsft App Store page.


  • Type as ” Twitter ” in the given search respective portion. And tip on the icon to get the Twitter app result from the Microsoft team.

Twitter on Xbox 360 console


  • After getting the result from the Microsoft Xbox store, you have to dig out the required Twitter app from the result. Then, click on the Get button to download Twitter.
Get Twitter on Xbox:


  • Move back to the Home page of Xbox One and click upon the Installed Twitter app icon and open the page on your Xbox One gaming console device screen.


  • Now, the Twitter community ask you to enter the Username and Password to open your registered account on Twitter social media service.

Enter Username and Passsword


  • Now, you can use your Twitter account on your Xbox One device. Also, you can check out your Twitter status and upload photos and videos on  Twitter on Xbox.

Here you have completed the downloading process of Twitter on Xbox. You can easily download Twitter by using the methods and the instrcutions I have given on this topic.

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An alternative method to access Twitter on Xbox:

You have one more method to access the Twitter page on your Xbox gaming console device, and it’s the screen. As I have told you in the above topic, Twitter has an Official Website and Social Media app. The above topic teaches you about the app, and this topic will show you to access the Twitter website on Xbox.

[ Note: You can access the web browser on all Xbox devices ]

Instructions to Access Twitter on Xbox:


  • Set Xbox console with Smart TV and connect internet eventually. Then go to the home screen.


  • Tap the menu option button on the screen and click on the ” My Apps and Games ” option from the menu list.

My Apps and Games on Xbox


  • Following to the My Apps and Games page, there head towards the See all button given at first on the list on your Xbox device screen.

Tap on See all

APPS ↓  

  • Next, move towards the Apps option given second on the Apps page. There you can see all the available apps on your Xbox console.

Apps on Xbox


  • Click the right side key on your Xbox controller to access the device. And search for the web browser on your device.

Open Web Browser on Xbox

Access Twitter on Xbox:


  • After founding the Web Browser app like e-browser and more like this, open the app on your Xbox device screen.


  • On the Web Browser page, click on the search icon and find for ” Twitter ” in the given search space on the web browser.


  • There you have to Dig Out the Official Site of the Twitter social media website from the list of web browser results. 
  • Click on the official weblink to open the website on your Xbox screen.


  • Then, tap on the Login option to get into your Twitter account page. Enter the Username and Password in the given space on Twitter.

Enter Username and Passsword


  • After logging into the Twitter app, you can stream all current news and a recent post on the Twitter page on your Xbox device screen.

It was another method to access  Twitter on Xbox. If you skip reading the above topic, then scroll up and read it to download the Twitter social media app on your Xbox One gaming console device.

How to Sign Up with Twitter on Xbox?

If you do not have a user account on the Twitter social media app, then here I am to help you to Sign Up with the Twitter social media site.

Follow the Steps to Sign Up with the Twitter:

  • Move to the Apps and Games section on your Xbox device.
  • Go forward to the Apps section on the Xbox console screen.
  • Select the Web Browser app icon and open it on the big display.
  • Search for ” Twitter ” in the given search URL bar on the Web Brower.
  • Dig Out the Official Twitter website from the search list.
  • Next, you have to click on the Sign Up with Email or Phone option given on the webpage.

Sign Up with Twitter

  • Now, you have to type the Name that you like to fix for your Twitter account.

Step 1 to Sign Up Twitter

  • Now, you need to tap on the Ok button to Customize your Experience on your Twitter.

Customize your Experience on Twitter

  • Tap the Next button to move forward to the next page on the Twitter app. And tap the Sign-Up button to get the Verification code.
  • Check your mobile number or email address you have given in the first step. And enter the Verification code in the given space.

Veification Code on Twitter

After entering the Verification code in the box, move to the page to select the following page. And start using Twitter on Xbox. In the above two topics, you can get the ideas to access Twitter on the Xbox gaming console.

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Does Xbox have Twitter?

Not all Xbox gaming consoles have Twitter communication and social media apps. Only you can download and use the respective social media app on the Xbox One video gaming console device.

Can I Link Twitter to Xbox?

Yes, you can like your Twitter account on the Xbox device discord Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Steam, Reddit, and more apps like this.

Our Final Notes:

You can get Twitter on Xbox by using two simple methods. Only the Xbox One gaming console device has Twitter on its platform. You can able to download the Twitter app on the console One, but you can access the respective social media official site on all respective gaming console devices.

If you need more information about the taken social media app or the required gaming console device, you can drop a message in the comment section given in below section on this page. I will reply to you fast with your required answer.

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