How to Download and Install Ultimate Whitecream Add-on on Kodi

Kodi has a wide range of add-ons available on its official repository. But it doesn’t provide adult add-ons for you to choose from. You might now think that with Kodi, you will not be able to watch adult content, and you can’t be more wrong. There are various unofficial repositories, and some of the best working adult add-ons are found in those repositories. You just have to choose the repository that works best for you. The Ultimate Whitecream add-on is one of the most preferred adult add-ons among Kodi users. This article is about the Ultimate Whitecream add-on and its installation on Kodi.

What is an Ultimate Whitecream Add-on?

Ultimate Whitecream is a third-party Kodi add-on that is available to bring you adult content. It gives you access to a wide variety of adult content from various sites by scraping content from them. With different sections and categories of content like movies, hentai, tubes, live cams, etc., it is no doubt that Ultimate Whitecream is a popular and most preferred add-on by Kodi users.

The main thing aside from its variety of content that differentiates it from the other adult add-ons is its zero to less buffering time. The Ultimate Whitecream add-on provides you with content without much buffering, even with a comparatively slower network connection. Just like any other adult add-on, it is available to be used by people older than 18 years keeping in mind not to expose young minds to porn. 

Since this add-on, Ultimate Whitecream, is popular, it is available on many unofficial Kodi repositories. You just have to choose one repository that is reliable and works for you. The Ultimate Whitecream is totally free to use, and you wouldn’t have to pay for content, even from premium websites. 

Let us begin with the installation of the Ultimate Whitecream add-on on Kodi.

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How to Download and Install Ultimate Whitecream Add-on on Kodi?

Prerequisite to installing the Ultimate Whitecream on Kodi

Since Ultimate Whitecream is a third-party Kodi add-on, first, you will have to let Kodi allow add-ons to be downloaded from unknown sources. To do so, you need to enable unknown sources on your Kodi media player. Follow through with the steps given to enable the Unknown sources option on Kodi.

# Step 1. Launch Kodi from your device and click Settings from the home screen.

kodi settings

# Step 2. From the settings section, click on System.

kodi system

# Step 3. On the left sidebar, click on Add-ons and enable Unknown sources on the right.

kodi unknown sources

# Step 4. A warning prompt will be displayed on which you have to click on Yes.

kodi unknown warning

Now that the prerequisite is done let us get along with the installation of the Ultimate Whitecream add-on.

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Installing the Ultimate Whitecream add-on on Kodi

Press the back button on your remote control and return to the System screen of Kodi.

# Step 1. From the System screen, click on File Manager.

kodi file manager

# Step 2. Select the Add source option from either side of the screen to open it.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi add source

# Step 3. Click <None> in the Add File Source window that appears.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi add source url

# Step 4. Enter the URL for Ultimate Whitecream repo ( in the space that appears and click OK.

sportsdevil addon on kodi source url

# Step 5. Under the ‘Enter a name for this media source’ space, type the name of your choice for the source URL, and click OK. I’m going to go with Crew.

kodi enter name for url

# Step 6. On returning back to the home screen of Kodi, click Add-ons.

kodi addons tab

# Step 7. Click the Package Installer (Folder/Box Icon) from the top left corner of the Add-ons screen.

kodi package installer

# Step 8. Click on the Install from zip file option in the next window.

kodi install from zip file

# Step 9. Scroll down and locate the name that you have given the source URL which is Crew in this case and click on it.

ultimate whitecream add-on on Kodi crew repo

# Step 11. Select the from the list and click on OK. 

ultimate whitecream add-on on Kodi repo zip

In a few minutes, you’ll find the Crew Repo add-on installed notification at the top right corner of the screen.

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Installing Ultimate Whitecream Add-on from The Crew Repository

# Step 1. Now, select the ‘Install from Repository option.

sportsdevil addon on kodi install from repo

# Step 2. From the list, locate the Crew Repository and click on it.

ultimate whitecream add-on on Kodi addon install from repo

# Step 3. On the next screen, select Video Add-ons.

ultimate whitecream add-on on Kodi video addons

# Step 4. Scroll down the list, locate Ultimate Whitecream, and click on it. 

ultimate whitecream add-on on Kodi whitecream

# Step 5. On the Ultimate Whitecream window that appears, click the Install button from the bottom of the screen.

ultimate whitecream add-on on Kodi install

Now, you just have to wait for the Ultimate Whitecream add-on to be installed on Kodi which will usually be done in a minute or two. 

# Step 6. Return back to the home screen of Kodi and click Add-ons again. In the Video add-ons window, you’ll find the Ultimate Whitecream add-on here. 

Click on the Ultimate Whitecream icon to start watching adult content on Kodi for free. Just as I said earlier, you’ll find that there are many categories for you to choose from. 

Is VPN necessary when using Ultimate Whitecream?

Although Ultimate Whitecream offers content from everywhere across the globe, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Ultimate Whitecream is allowed to access everywhere around the world. The specific content of Ultimate Whitecream might be geo-restricted, i.e. it could be restricted in certain parts of the world. But that shouldn’t stop you from using Ultimate Whitecream to watch adult content because there is always a VPN available to use. 

Using a VPN, you will be able to mask your IP address and thereby access restricted content in your country. Also, being a third-party add-on, Ultimate Whitecream might pose a risk anytime, if not now. To prevent yourself from cyber threats and being in the path of lawsuits, using a VPN is most important. 

Wrapping Up

There are many adult contents streaming add-ons for Kodi, and most of them are not reliable. Many of the streams the add-ons provide don’t work the time. Ultimate Whitecream is a delightful distraction from the other adult content add-ons because of its extensive library and high-quality working streams. 

Have the Ultimate Whitecream installed on Kodi, stream your preferred content, and start watching.

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Which is the Best VPN for Kodi?

If you want to use a VPN within your Kodi Media player, then you can use any of the VPN services given here,

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