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Nowadays, Video Games with realistic graphics are getting famous and rule children’s and adults’ minds. We will see one type of video game in this article. So, the topic is How to Uninstall Star Citizen? 

How to Uninstall Star Citizen

Star Citizen is the most downloaded game in the United States of America. Today, we will see how to remove it from our streaming device. Let us get into the content.

These two topics you have to refer to in this article:

  • What is Star Citizen? What is Star Citizen?
  • How to Uninstall Star Citizen?

Get the information on the below topics given in this article.

Star Citizen is the Video Game. And it was very famous in the USA. You can install this on all gaming consoles, and Microsoft Windows developed it.

You can play with your friends in this Star Citizen game.

It was a Combat Simulated Game. And you can play it as a Multiplayer accessing game. 

How to Uninstall Star Citizen?

So, uninstalling the Star Citizen game is not an easy thing. You have to do some basic procedures to delete this Star Citizen video game. I show you the methods in the list below:

Save your Custom Game Data

Delete All Files

Delete Star Citizen Launcher

Uninstall the Cloud Imperium Game

Delete User Folder

Uninstall RSI Launcher

We have some procedures to Save the Custome Files on the Star Citizen games. Look at the steps to do this. They are:

Save your Custome Game Data:

Here we mentioned the step-by-step instructions:

👉Step 1: ( File Explorer )

First, move to the File Explorer (Drive) on your device.

👉Step 2: ( Robert Space Industries )

Then, we have to move to the Rober Space Industries section secondly.

👉Step 3: ( Star Citizen )

The next option we have to click on is the Star Citizen. Our video game name.

👉Step 4: ( Live )

Now, go with the Live option given in the list of options.

👉Step 5: ( Users )

Our next move is with the Users category to go forward.

👉Step 6: ( Controls )

We have to go along with the Controls section on your streaming device. The device contained the Star Citizen game.

👉Step 7: ( Mappings )

Now, our next procedure is to click on the Mappings section.

👉Step 8: ( user. cfg file )

Then copy the user.cfg file and save it in another new folder. 

Delete All Files:

So, we saved the required files and data in another new temp folder. Follow the given guidelines to delete all files.

👉Step 1: ( Right Click and Run )

In the active Window, click the Right Key, and the next step is to tap the Run option.

👉Step 2: ( %appdata% )

Our next step is to type as %appdata% in the required field and click on the Ok key.

👉Step 3: ( User File )

Now it automatically opens the User Files on your windows.

👉Step 4: ( Current Profile ) and ( App Data )

Move to the current profile category and select the App Data section.

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Then Delete RSI Launcher:

👉Step 5: ( Roaming ) and ( RSI Launcher )

Choose the Roaming folder and move forward with the RSI Launcher folder to delete.

👉Step 6: ( Run )

Click on the Right key again and tap the Run option.

👉Step 7: ( %localappdata% )

You have to type and enter as %localappdata% in the given space and head towards the Ok key to run.

👉Step 8: ( Current Profile ) and ( App Data )

After clicking the Ok key, it will take you to the user file, and you have to choose the current profile folder and go on to the app data section.

Delete Star Citizen Folder:

👉Step 9: ( Local ) and ( Delete )

Click the Local Files folder and tap on the Star Citizen Folder to delete the file.

👉Step 10: ( File Manager ) and ( Install Drive )

Then you get back to the File Manager section and go with the Install Drive option.

Delete Robert Space Industries:

👉Step 11: ( Program File ) and ( Delete )

Move to the Program Files section and Delete the entire Rober Space Industries folder.

👉Step 12: ( Recycle Bin ) or ( Trash )

To clear all deleted files, you have to go to your device’s Trash section or Recycle Bin area.

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Uninstall Cloud Imperium Game:

Still, if your Star Citizen file was not deleted on your device, then do this method.

👉Step 13: ( Program) and ( Files )

Navigate to the Program folder and choose the files section.

👉Step 14: ( Star Citizen ) and ( Delete )

Now go on with the Star Citizen and tap the correct key on your device touchpad.

👉Step 15: ( Uninstall )

Choose the uninstall option from the list.

👉Step 16: ( Program Files (×86)) 

Do this another easy method by moving to the Program Files option.

👉Step 17: ( Cloud Imperium Game )

Select and tap the Cloud Imperium game in the given options.

If the Cloud Imperium file was deleted, all game folders were deleted automatically.

Delete User File: ( Uninstall Star Citizen )

Now we were going to delete the whole user file on your system.

👉Step 18: ( Drive )

Go to my computer section and select the C Drive folder on your device.

👉Step 19: ( Program Files )

Click on the program Files category and move to the next step.

👉Step 20: ( User Folder )

Now go along with the User Folder settings, but do not click on it.

👉Step 21: ( Delete )

Right-click and select the Delete option or tap on the Delete button on your keyboard to remove the entire folder from your device.

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Our Final Notes:

You can delete the Star Citizen game from your device through these few steps. You may not be able to delete the game directly. We have to do the required procedures to clear it from your PC or Laptop. Try this on your system and delete the Star Citizen game.

Still, you have to face some issues, please mention the problems you are facing on your system, and I will explain to you why it is happening and give you the solution.

If you need any extra topics or information about the Star Citizen game related to this topic, ask me in the message box as a comment. We will reply and respond to your messages and comments as soon as possible.

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