How to Download UnlockMyTTV APK on FIrestick

Nowadays who doesn’t like to enjoy their movies and shows on big screens? People prefer streaming their favourite shows in the comfort of their homes with a Streaming App. With the availability of many streaming apps in the market today with paid or free Subscription, Watching Premium content online has become our Stressbuster. If you are looking for an alternative to Netflix, or Prime video, then UnlockMyTTV is your answer.

In this article, you are going to see a step-by-step guide on How to download and Install UnlockMyTTV APK.

Here you will know

  • What is UnlockMyTTV?
  • Awesome features of UnlockMyTTV
  • Purpose of VPN
  • Steps to Download UnlockMyTTV APK on Android OS
  • How to Install UnlockMyTTV on Windows
  • How to Download and Install UnlockMyTTV on Firestick

What is UnlockMyTTV APK?

UnlockMyTTV is a free On-Demand Streaming Service that offers almost all Premium Content without a Subscription. It’s a third party online media browser and Search engine. It offers Thousands of Movies, Dramas, Series, Sci-Fi, Horror, etc.


UnlockMyTTV is a clone of Terrarium TV, hence it has the same interface and settings. It supports International Content and also in regional languages (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc.). It only offers Links to other sites on the web and does not host any media files.

Awesome Features of UnlockMyTTV APK:

  • It streams free content without any Ads.
  • UnlockMyTTV can be downloaded and used without any ROOT access.
  • It supports external Players like VLC, and Mx Player. You can watch Videos in the Default player or External players.
  • The links are provided for various quality like 360p, 480p, and even 4K.  Choose based on your need.
  • It occupies less storage and you can download torrent files by linking Real Debird Account, Trakt, and so on.

Purpose of VPN in UnlockMyTTV APK?

VPN protects you from online attacks like Phishing, DoS (Denial of Service), etc. It also masks your IP Address and your Online Identity as Streaming Platforms are most exposed to online threats.

Since we are using Third-Party Apps it’s better to be cautious and use VPN while Streaming UnlockMyTTV as it defends us from Cyber Attacks and offers Buffer Free experience.

Let’s now begin the Explanation Process…

How to Install UnlockMyTTV APK on Android OS?

Before we begin the installation, ensure that you have Toggled On “Unknown Sources”. Since UnlockMyTTV is not available on the Google play store, we should download it from other Authenticated Website

1. Download “UnlockMyTTV APK” from the web.

2. Go to “Settings” from the home screen of your phone.

3. The next step is to Scroll to the “Privacy” menu.

4. Click the “Unknown Sources” Option. It will be enabled.

android unknown UnlockMyTTV APK

5. Now visit “File Manager” and choose “UnlockMyTTV APK” from the downloaded files on your phone.

android file manager UnlockMyTTV APK

6. Here give an “Install” Option.

android install UnlockMyTTV APK

7. The app will start installing. Wait for some time.

android installing UnlockMyTTV APK

8. Once the installation is done, Google will start scanning the app.

android scanning UnlockMyTTV APK

9. After the installation, you will see two options to click on your screen. Choose “Open

android open UnlockMyTTV APK

Open: Will open the app.

More Apps: Will browse other apps in the play store.

How to Install UnlockMyTTV APK on Windows?

It’s not Officially available on the web. It doesn’t exist in .exe Format. Rather it exists as .apk file as in Android Format. So to use the .apk file in windows, we need an emulator like Nox, Bluestacks, etc.

Let’s see how to install UnlockMyTTV using an emulator (Blue Stack).

1. Download the “Blue Stacks” app from the secured website.

2. Then Install the “Blue Stacks” app on your Desktop.

3. Launch Blue Stacks.

blue stacks UnlockMyTTV APK

4.  On the Bluestacks main menu, click on “Install apk” under the Installed Apps section.

blue stack install apk UnlockMyTTV APK

5. Browse and choose the already downloaded “UnlockMyTTV” apk file from the saved location.

blue stacks location UnlockMyTTV APK

6. The installation process will start.

blue stacks unlockmyttv UnlockMyTTV APK

7.  After the installation is complete, Hover back to the “Installed Apps” section and launch the app.

bluestack unlockmyttv insalled UnlockMyTTV APK

That’s it. The installation is done. Try Updating the app if it is not working properly.

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How to Download and Install UnlockMyTTV on Firestick?

If you don’t know what Firestick is, let me give a Short Intro. Firestick is an Online Streaming Device that offers your favourite dramas and TV on a bigger screen without relying on cable connections. It can turn even a normal television into an “Android Smart TV“.


“UnlockMyTTV is also not available to download in the Amazon Store. So we are going sideload the “UnlockMyTTV” app in FireStick using the Downloader App.”

Prerequisite to Install UnlockMyTTV APK on Firestick:

1. From the main menu scroll over to “Settings” on the home screen of your firestick.

settings on firestick

2. Next to the preferences tab, now click on “My Fire TV” in settings.

my fire tv firestick

3. Then, click on “Developer Options” below about the option in Device.

developer optionss firestick

4. Make sure that you have Enabled “ADB Debugging” under the Developer options tab.

ADB Debugging firestick

5. Select “Apps from Unknown Sources”  below ADB Debugging in the developer options.

apps from unknown sources firestick

6. You will get a pop up on the screen, click “Turn on”.

apps from unknown sources firestick

 UnlockMyTTV through Downloader App:

1. Return to the home screen in the search bar of your FireStick device, type “Downloader”.

downloader search2 firestick

2. Click “open” when you get a display of the Downloader icon on the screen.

downloader open

3. Grant permissions to the downloader app to “Access media and files” on your Firestick device.


4. A pop up will appear on your screen as “Quick Start Guide”. Click on ok.

Downloader installed

Installation of UnlockMyTTV on Firestick:

1. Choose the “Browser” on the left side of the screen in the downloader app.

downloader without

2. Further, you will now see the pop-up window with a text box to type in the source URL and the onscreen keypad, on right-clicking the URL field.

type url spectrum app on firestick

3. There are different versions of UnlockMyTTV APK available on different websites. Select from a secure and authenticated website so that it won’t harm your device. Input the “UnlockMyTTV” URL to download and give OK.

live tv firestick downloader

4. The “UnlockMyTTV APK” will start downloading in a GO.

Pop tv download for firestick

5. When the APK is downloaded, your Firestick will start Installing the “UnlockMyTTV” app in a go.

unlockmyttv installing

6. Once the installation is complete, you will see a pop-up showing the UnlockMyTTV app is installed.

unlockmyttv unstalled

7. The UnlockMyTTV APK is no longer needed, and you can now delete the “UnlockMyTTV” APK. Click “Delete” on your firestick screen.

unlock delete

8. Now launch the UnlockMyTTV App.

unlock launch


UnlockMyTTV is an amazing app for Streaming premium content without any Ad. It’s the best clone of Terrarium TV. In this post, we have known what UnlockMyTTV APK is, How to use and Install it on Different platforms. The above-mentioned methods are easy and most reliable ones.

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Feel free to share your reviews. Share your suggestions in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is UnlockMyTTV Ad-free?

Yes, it is Ad-free. It offers premium content without any Promotional Ads too.

2) Can I Install it on the MacBook?

Yes, you can Install it in Macbook. It is not directly available in the Apple store. You can install it using an emulator like NOX, Blue Stack, etc.

3) What Devices support UnlockMyTTV?

  • Android SmartPhone
  • Kodi
  • FireStick
  • Android TV Box
  • Firecube
  • Ruko and many more…

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