How Watch Rakuten Viki on Samsung TV? [Updated 2022]

Today we are going to discuss Rakuten Viki on Samsung Smart TV. You can watch Korean Dramas, Chinese Dramas, Movies, and more content on the Rakuten Viki streaming website.

  • Does Rakuten Viki available on Samsung Smart TV?
  • How to Install and Watch Rakuten Viki on Samsung Smart TV?

We have given the installation steps for this special Rakuten Viki streaming service on your Samsung TV. Read the steps, install it on your device, and enjoy watching the South Korean content.

Rakuten Viki:

Are you a big fan of Asian dramas? Then you can watch all your favorite Asian dramas on Rakuten Viki. Most of the series are from Korea, Mainland China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and others. Most of the genres come under Romantic Comedy, Crime & Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Action, Fantasy, and more.

You can easily create your Rakuten Viki account using your Google, Facebook, Apple, Rakuten, or Email ID. Once you have an account, you can add the series to your Favourite list and can download the episodes on your device’s hard drive to watch later offline.

Is Rakuten Viki on Samsung Smart TV?

Sorry, You cannot get Rakuten Viki directly on your Samsung Smart TV, because the app is not yet released by the developers on your Samsung TV app store. But there are other ways, like using Streaming devices, Streaming apps, and screencasting methods to get Rakuten Viki on Samsung TV.

Where can I Watch Rakuten Viki on Samsung TV?

Rakuten Viki

You can watch the Rakuten Viki on external streaming services, external streaming devices, and on the Official website. The name of the platforms are given below:

Streaming Service:

The Rakuten Viki streaming service is only available on the external streaming services named.

🔶 Hulu Plus Live TV

Rakuten Viki on Hulu

Streaming Devices:

Here are the streaming devices which carry the Rakuten Viki on its device. The devices are:

🔶 Android Devices (Phones, Tablets, Laptops )

🔸 iPhone, iPad

🔶 Android TV

🔸 Apple TV ( 4th Generation or Above )

🔶 Amazon Fire TV

🔸 Roku 

🔶 Google Chromecast

So, you can watch the Rakuten Viki on the streaming devices listed here. Please take a look at the available streaming devices given here, or you can take an alternative method we have given below.

How to Watch Rakuten Viki on Samsung Smart TV?

As we mentioned in the above topic, the Rakuten Viki is not applicable in the Smart TV in-built App Store. So, you have to choose the alternatives we have given above. Get the procedure one by one.

How to Watch Viki on Samsung TV using Hulu?

Start the installation procedure we have given below. The Steps are:

👉Step 1: ( Set Internet )

First, you have to connect to the internet on your Samsung Smart TV  device.

👉Step 2: ( Home Screen )

Tap the Home Button on your Samsung TV remote controller to go to the Home Screen of your Samsung TV device.

👉Step 3: ( Apps )

Then, move to the Apps section at the bottom of the menu toolbar on the home screen.

👉Step 4: ( Search )

Click on the search icon in the Samsung Galaxy App Store and find “Hulu” in the given search space.

👉Step 5: ( Download )

Select the Hulu app from the search result and click on the Install or Download button to get your device’s app.

Go to the home screen and open the installed Hulu app from the Apps and Games section on your device. Watch all your favorite Korean and Chinese movies and shows in the required service.


  • It would be best if you had a High-speed internet connection.
  • Samsung Smart TV with an updated version.
  • Hulu Plus Live TV Subscription Package.

If you have these three things with you, then you can watch the Rakuten Viki on Samsung Smart TV.

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How to Watch Rakuten Viki on Samsung Smart TV using Roku?

So, the Rakuten Viki was available on the Roku streaming device. The installation process is given below.

👉Step 1: ( Insert Roku )

First, you have to insert your Roku device and plug in your Samsung Smart TV and turn it on.

👉Step 2: ( Set Modem )

If your Samsung Smart TV has a wireless Wi-Fi facility, then connect it with the connection and join your Roku device with the same source.

Or, connect your device to the Wi-Fi router using the Ethernet cable.

👉Step 3: ( Home Screen )

Take the Roku remote controller and click on the Home button to view the home screen of your device.

👉Step 4: ( Streaming Channels )

Now, move to the Streaming Channels on your Roku Streaming device.

👉Step 5: ( Search )

Move down to the list and click on the search button.

👉Step 6: ( Rakuten Viki )

Here, you have to search for the “Rakuten Viki” in the given search space.

Rakuten Viki on Roku

👉Step 7: ( Add to Home )

From the search outcome, you have to opt for the official Rakuten Viki streaming service on your Roku device.

👉Step 8: ( Open )

Wait for the due course and go to the Apps and Channels section on your Roku device. Then dig out the installed Rakuten Viki streaming service on your Roku screen.

👉Step 9: ( Login )

Get through to the Login page and enter the credentials of your Rakuten user account details in the given space.

After logging into the Streaming section of the Viki, you can watch your favorite shows and movies on your Roku screen. Stream Viki on Samsung Smart TV.

What are the Features of Viki?

So, the Rakuten Viki was entire with South Korean Dramas and series on this streaming platform. The attributes of the Rakuten Viki on Samsung Smart TV are given below:

  • New Series > You can watch the New Series and movies on the Rakuten Viki streaming platform.
  • Watch Party > The Watch Party is also included in this Viki streaming platform.
  • Top Ten > The Top Ten series and movies are separated in the Viki platform.
  • Flower Boys > The Flower Boys show was famous in South Korea.
  • Originals > You can watch the Rakuten Viki originals only on the Viki platform.
  • Movies > It allows us to stream Korean and Chinese movies on the Viki streaming site.
  • Thai Shows > Viki has provided Thai Shows on its streaming site.

These are all the features and advantages of the Rakuten Viki streaming service. If you want to know more about this service, you can install it on your Samsung Smart TV or any other streaming device which is available in your home.

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How much does Rakuten Viki cost?

You have Two Subscription Packages in the Rakuten Viki streaming service. And the cost of the Rakuten Viki is given below in this topic. And the cost and the validity of the package were:

🔶 $4.99 >> ( Per Month )

🔸 $49.99 >> ( Per Year )

So, these two are the available subscription plan in the Viki streaming service. You can choose anyone from this which is convenient for you. And start streaming the Korean Series and top new and trending content on the respective streaming service.

You have to renew this subscription package every year or every month you have purchased this package on the date.

How to Sign Up and Sign In with Viki?

Still, if you can not have a user account on the Rakuten Viki streaming service, then you can follow the instructions we have given below:

👉Step 1: ( Web Browser )

If you have a web browser app on your Samsung Smart TV device, then you can open it on your TV screen. If it is not available, you can use your Smartphone device to Sign Up.

👉Step 2: ( Search )

Tap on the search bar given on the web browser page and type “Rakuten Viki” in the given space.

👉Step 3: ( Official Site )

Dig out the official site of the Rakuten Viki from the search outcome.

👉Step 4: ( Create Account )

At the above toolbar on the Rakuten Viki site, you have to click on the Create Account on the right side of the on-screen.

👉Step 5: ( Choose )

Here, you can get the option to create an account on the Viki website. Select any one of the Sign Up from the given options.

Create Account on Viki

Check the image for reference.

Sign In with Rakuten Viki:

In the above topic, we will create an account on the Viki website. Now we are going to Log in with your account.

👉Step 1: ( Web Browser ) or ( Viki App )

Choose any one of the sources that you have used to watch the content on the Rakuten Viki site.

👉Step 2: ( Search )

Do this step if you are using the web browser source. Click on the search icon on the web browser screen and determine the Rakuten Viki Official Site.

👉Step 3: (Login)

Click the Login option given on the page and enter the Username and Password, or you can choose the google option or any other you choose to Sign Up.

These are the way that you have to use on Sign Up and Sign In.

Our Final Notes:

You can watch the Rakuten Viki on Samsung Smart TV. But you can not download it directly from the in-built App Store on your Samsung Smart TV. We have to use external streaming devices or external Streaming services to watch the Viki on your Samsung TV.

We have given two examples to download on your Samsung Smart TV. You can choose the option which is convenient for you. As for me, if you need the installation steps for your available streaming device at your home. We will help furtherly as soon as possible.

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