How to Fix Vizio Smartcast Not Working?

There are a lot of issues that are common in this world of technology. Whenever we face any sort of issue, we begin to search for a solution. You may have seen many of your friends saying whenever you try to subject your problem -Yeah, it happened to me too, when I was a kid. It’s common, as if like a common cold. Likely, if you own a Vizio TV, you would have another common problem. That is why your Vizio Smartcast is not working. In this article, we have given you the best troubleshooting ways to come out of this issue.

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Why your Vizio Smartcast is not working?

Vizio was the first to offer its users an amazing feature that turned regular streaming into something more extraordinary. It introduced an inbuilt app that lets the user turn their phones into remote controls and enables them to stream content. The in-built app of Vizio is a smartcast that allows a platform for the viewers to stream on their own television boxes. Sometimes you face issues while using this screencast; let’s have a look at the possible causes for the troubles.

Reasons for Vizio Smartcast not Working:

Now that you have landed on this article to find out How to fix the Vizio smartcast not working, I think you should probably stop staring at your TV and try to find the reason for its not working. If you are facing an issue and your screen shows anything that says Smartcast starting up, please wait, and it’s like you have waited for almost a decade to say. Damn!

Maybe it shows a popup error message on the screen saying that Smartcast TV is not available. It can be a common issue that can be solved by simple troubleshooting steps. But before trying any methods, you need to learn the cause of the issue. Sometimes, it can be any of these as follows.

  • Poor internet or wifi connectivity
  • Some actual hardware issue
  • A glitch or bug in the app

Now that you have got an idea about what of the actual trouble you are facing on your Vizio smartcast not working, you can try fixing it by using any of these troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshooting steps for Vizio Smartcast not Working:

Check Internet Connection:

I am sure nobody would like to watch a stream that buffers often and views like a blurry poor quality. To make sure that you experience bufferless streaming, you need to have a proper internet or wifi connection to your device, and maybe that’s the reason your Vizio smartcast is not working. Check whether the network that you are connected with a stable internet speed and is not slow.

  1. Check the network with your remote to verify the status of the wifi/internet connection.
  2. Try playing any video content on your device to check the speed and quality of the stream (try playing a 4k or HD video )
  3. On your remote, press the menu>network >test connection.

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Power Cycle the TV: 

This troubleshooting method is a common way used to tackle a lot of issues one faces while using a device. It’s called the power cycle. It is the first thing one should always try as it erases any unwanted residuals in the television. There are two types of power cycling you can do: one is a soft power cycle, and another is a hard power cycle.

Soft Power Cycle :
  1. Press the menu on your TV remote
  2. Select systems or settings
  3. Choose Reset&Admin
  4. Click soft power cycle
Hard power cycle :
  1. Turn off and unplug the TV from the outlet.
  2. Press and hold the power button at least for 20-30 minutes (the tv should still be unplugged)
  3. Plug back the TV again and hold the power button again
  4. Wait until the smartcast starts working.

When you have tried both soft and hard ways to make your  Vizio smartcast work, and it doesn’t obey you, we have found another method that may help to tackle this issue.

Factory Reset the Vizio TV:

Sometimes when every damn thing is done, and nothing works .its best to start with the fresh.No! We are not going to break your tv and buy a new one .but we are going to have a factory reset of the tv done. A factory reset will remove or erase all the existing TV settings and come back to their original state. (like you have just bought it today ).

It will clear all the data, including apps on, TV.before doing this factory reset; we have warned you in ways we factory reset your TV,

  1. Select Menu on your TV remote.
  2. Click on the system.
  3. Open Reset&admin>Reset TV to factory settings.

Don’t worry; the TV will automatically be turned off as a part of the reset process. It will turn on in a minute or two as soon as it turns on, reconnect your TV with a proper internet or wifi connection, redo all the setups and try smartcast again on your Vizio TV. Even though you tried this way, and it doesn’t work, it may be because there is no problem with the TV but the supporting router or the modem.

Try the Power Cycle of the Modem/Router:

If you have tried power cycling the tv and doing the factory reset, and still nothing seems to work. Then the problem is not with the device, which is the TV but maybe with the supporting devices that are connected to the device, such as a router. You just need to restart the router. To do this,

  • Press and hold down the power button on the router. (until it blinks to turn it off) OR
  • Unplug the router from the outlet and wait for a while and plug it back. The router will require a few minutes to establish a stable connection. After it’s done reconnecting, try to smartcast on your Vizio TV again.

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Refresh DHCP Network Settings:

You would be wondering what DHCP is ? DHCP is a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol whose prime duty is to assign an IP address to the device-the internet/wifi and the look after that. No devices should have the same IP address. Sometimes when Vizio systems begin to lose their DHCP and become problematic. You should start refreshing the DHCP network.

  1.  Turn off your Vizio smartcast.
  2. Go to the browser on your other device-laptop or mobile phone,
  3. Enter the IP address of the router and log in with your credentials.
  4. Navigate to settings. Depending on the router model, select the network settings as Local network or advanced network settings.
  5. Enable DHCP, then click Save>exit.

Update your Vizio TV: 

As the technology is updating every day on its firm. Software tends to introduce updates in order to include features that result in the improvement of the app. Once in a while, if your Vizio smartcast stops working, it may be due to the latest software updates available in the system. You need to ensure those updates for the smooth running of the device.

Click menu>system>check for updates. Your TV will start looking for available updates and install them on your TV. Check if the updates solve your smartcast issue and if none of the above works, you can always contact your Vizio customer care for support.

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Whatever the reason would be behind the issue, your Vizio Smartcast stops working. We have provided you with all the possible ways to solve your issues. Whether it’s an internet issue or a bug, These 6 fixes mentioned above can rescue you. I hope that one of these fixes works for you and you can enjoy the Smartcast on your Vizio TV.

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