What Are Some Pros and Cons of Streaming Platforms

Streaming networks seem to be gaining more popularity each year. The industry is predicted to reach about 70 billion dollars this year, and there is no telling how much it will grow in the future.

But what makes Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, and other streaming services so popular? In other words, what are the advantages of consuming your media with this method, and is there something bad that you can expect? Let’s take a look at both pros and cons of using streaming platforms.


#1 – No Ads

Let’s start with the pros. Not having to deal with ads is one of the first things that stand out the most when talking about streaming networks. When you compare it to television, the content comes without ads. You can select what you want to watch with a few clicks and skip those annoying advertisements.

#2 – Access to Hours of Entertainment

The sheer amount of available entertainment on streaming networks is a bit overwhelming at times, but it is nice to have plenty of different options. You can sort your streaming service by various categories and see what is hot. Or, if you want to watch some of your old favourites, it is possible that a streaming platform will have them available.

#3 – Compatibility With Different Devices

While watching on television and computer is probably the most popular approach, some people might prefer to consume media on a smartphone or a tablet. Most, if not all, streaming platforms have a native application for iOS and Android for extra convenience.

#4 – No Need to Download Media

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a streaming platform is that you do not have to bother downloading media to your device. It is as simple as watching a video on YouTube. 

Since high-quality media files take a lot of space, keeping them on a computer, smartphone, or tablet would lead to too much clutter and worse device performance.

Moreover, fewer media files also mean fewer temporary storage files, such as cache and plugins. While there are more ways to clear cache than one, it is still quite annoying. Not to mention all the other system clutter.

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#5 – Original Content

The ongoing streaming wars push platforms to produce original content if they want to attract new and retain current customers. This is great for us as consumers because we get to enjoy great content that would not be available anywhere else.


#1 – Expenses

Needing to pay for a streaming service is expected, but some people still consider it one of the reasons not to bother with streaming. After all, there are still plenty of public TV channels one can watch for free.

It is also worth noting that the trend of streaming subscription price increase is not helping their cause either. Some platforms reported losing customers, and most of them left because the price was not worth it.

#2 – Addiction

When you have hours of entertainment, it is easy to become lost and spend more time-consuming content than you can actually afford. Telling yourself that you will stop after one more episode but staying up too late because you want to find out what happens is not a good habit. 

If you are going to use streaming platforms to watch movies or TV shows, make sure that this hobby does not get in the way of work, studies, and other important things.

#3 – Internet Connection Requirement

While not necessarily a big problem, an internet connection requirement is still a nuisance at times. You might be travelling with your computer but not having access to an internet connection. If that happens, you will not have access to the media you would like to watch.

#4 – Difficulty to Choose From Available Options

At times, you feel like there are just too many options, and rather than being a benefit, this becomes a problem. Scrolling through different categories and struggling to find an interesting show or a movie feels like a waste of time. 

Ideally, you should know what you want to watch before signing in to a streaming service, but that is not always the case. 

#5 – Lack of Interest to Do Other Activities

This one is related to the section about addiction, but it deserves its own part. When you are spending too much time on streaming platforms, your interest in doing other activities dwindles over time. You become lazier and disinterested in what is happening around you.

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To sum it all up, we can determine that streaming platforms have clear advantages and disadvantages. If there is one thing to take away from this article, it should be the fact that too much media consumption is not good for you, and you should be more conservative about how much time you spend watching movies and TV shows on streaming services.

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