Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile? [Working Trick in 2022]

Facebook is a Social Media platform, and you can learn many, many things and teach many things to the people. You can chat with your friends using your Facebook profile. If you want to know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile, then this is the right place for you.

How to Check Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

Read the entire article to know the steps and the instructions to know Who Viewed your Facebook Profile based on your Streaming devices. Follow the topics and read the guidelines carefully. And check the person who viewed your profile on the Facebook streaming service.

Can you See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

Yes. Of course, you can see who viewed your Facebook profile on your streaming device. But the thing is, you can view the person’s profile only on iOS devices. Because the Facebook community allows the iOS users to view the person who checks their Facebook profile.

Read the steps and the guidelines given below to check the person who viewed your profile on the Facebook streaming service. They are:

Using iOS Devices:

The people only who use the iOS Devices can view the profile picture and the details of the person who viewed your Profile details on the Facebook social media service. The steps are:


Please take off your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and connect it with the standard internet connection at your home or with the external Wi-Fi connection.


Then go to the home page of your device and open the Facebook app that you have already installed and used on your streaming device.


If you get logged out from the Facebook streaming service, then click on the login page and enter your Username and Password in the given field.


Go to the top screen of your Facebook home page screen and click on the three-line given on the right of the Facebook screen.

Privacy Shortcut option in Facebook on iOS devicePRIVACY SHORTCUT

On the Drop-Down menu list, you will get the Privacy Shortcut option. And you have to click the Privacy Shortcut on your iOS device.

Privacy Shortcut option in Facebook on iOS device


Then, you will get the list of options in the Privacy Shortcuts in settings. There, you have to click on the Who Viewed My Profile option given in the menu list.

Who Viewed My Profile


After clicking the Who Viewed My Profile option on your Facebook ID on your iOS device screen, you can receive the screen with the profiles who viewed your Facebook Profile.

That’s all you have done the procedure to know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile process on your iOS Device users.

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An Alternative Method to Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile:

In the above topic, you have used the instrcutions and know the persons who viewed your Facebook profile on your iOS device screen. Now we are going to use Desktop PC or Mac device to check the person’s details.


Turn On your Mac or Desktop PC device and connect your streaming device with the standard Wi-Fi home Internet connection.


Here you have to open the Aunty Browser or Web Internet Browser on your Streaming device.


Tap the search lengthy URL Bar given on the top screen of the Web Browser page.


And search as ” Facebook.com ” in the given search field on your Streaming device on the web browser page.

Find Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile:


Then, you have to enter your Facebook credentials in the given boxes on the Facebook login page. And click on the Login button.


On the home page of the Facebook service, you can see the Profile option at the top side of the Facebook page; you have to click the option.


After clicking the option, you can see your Facebook profile on your Streaming device screen. There you have to press the right-click button on the mouse.


There you have to click on the View Profile source option or Go to the Keyboard you are using on your device. Then, press the Cntrl + U option.


After clicking on the CNTRL + U button on your Desktop PC or Mac device, you can see the screen with HDMI code and text on the screen. Then, you have to click on the CNTRL + F on your device keyboard.

Check the Profile Details:


Now, you can see the search bar was opened after clicking the CNTRL + F button on your screen. Initialchatfriendslist or BUDDY_ID Copy this code and paste it into the search space on the screen.



Here you can see a lot of number codes, and you have to click on the 2nd number code, which consists of a 15-digit code on the screen.


Now go to the Web Browser page and click on the search bar given at the top of the screen. There you have to search as Facebook.com / [ PASTE CODE ] ← Here, you have to paste the copied code in the search box.

Then hit the enter button to search the source on your Desktop PC or Mac streaming device. Now you can view Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile by using this method. Yes, this method is too lengthy, but you can use this on your Android device also and worth spending the time on this procedure.

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Our Last Notes:

So, you can check Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile by using these two methods I have mentioned in this article. If you skip reading the article and the topics, steps and instructions I have given in the above part, then scroll up. Read the entire topic and instructions given in the all above sections of this article.

The first method is straightforward to do on your Facebook account. But you must be an iOS device user to access the procedure on your device. Then the second one is the extensive process, but it is worth doing. The second method is applicable to non-iOS users too.

Click on the Comment section and drop the messages that you have the doubts about and the clarifications about this content. I will reply to you as quickly as possible.

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