Why Does My Xbox Controller Keep Turning Off? [5 Methods]

Without the Xbox Controller, you can not be able to play the video game on your Xbox gaming console. Why I am saying this is our today’s topic is How to or Why Does My Xbox Controller Keep Turning Off. If your Xbox gaming console controller is disconnected continuously, then this is the right place to know the solution to fix it.

Why Does My Xbox Controller Keep Turning Off [5 Methods]

I have given five various methods to fix the issue on your Xbox gaming console controller were keep disconnecting while playing. Please read the entire article and get the methods I have given on the following topics in this article. 

Why Does My Xbox Controller Keep Turning Off?

It was a device to control playing the video game on your Xbox gaming console. You can play all kinds of video games on this gaming device. Also, it was called as a joystick worldwide. I have listed the reasons why this happens on your Xbox Controller device. It was:

  • Signal Issue
  • Battery Storage
  • Xbox Controller Error
  • Required Update
  • Cable Issue

Your Xbox controller is struggle working based on the issues I have listed above on this topic. You can get the detailed procedure to resolve the disconnection problem on your device.

How to Fix Xbox Controller Keep Turning Off?

I have given the reasons in the above topic for why it has happened. So, here you are going to get the ideas and the solving methods to fix it on your Xbox Controller device. Here are the methods to solve the issue:

  • Keep Xbox Controller Closer
  • Change or Charge the Battery
  • Restart Xbox Controller
  • System Update Xbox Controller
  • Change the USB Cable

You are going to apply these listed methods to your Xbox controller device to recover the disconnecting problem. Read each step to get the solution.

Keep Xbox Controller Closer:

If you are too far away from your Xbox gaming console device or with the Smart TV streaming device, you can face this issue on your device. All you have to do is, you have to move closer to the Smart TV and Xbox gaming console device along with the Xbox Controller device.

After getting closer to the Xbox gaming device, you can receive a clear signal from the Xbox gaming device and from the Smart TV streaming device. Now My Xbox Controller Keep Turning Off issue is resolved. If it gets not work, move to the following method.

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Charge or Change Battery:

Next, you have to focus and inspect the Battery level of your Xbox Controller in the indicator on the Home Page of your Xbox gaming console. If there is not enough power in the Xbox Controller device, you have to charge the device immediately.

Or it will be showing as the battery is full and keep disconnecting; better if you could change the Batteries on the Xbox Controller device. So, throughout the old battery and insert the new batteries on your Xbox controller device. Here you have to test your Xbox Controller to check if it is working on not.

Restart Xbox Controller:

If the above method does not give a positive result, then you can try this method on your Xbox Controller device. You have to follow the steps and the procedures I have given below.


Power On your Xbox gaming console controller device, and you have to turn on your Xbox gaming console device and Smart TV streaming device.


On the Xbox device controller, you can see the Xbox logo button. It was the respective rebooting button. Tap on the Xbox button and move forward to the step.


You need to hold the Xbox button, which helps us to reboot the Xbox Controller device. It was a must; you had to hold the button for 5 to 15 seconds while.


After the above process has been done, you can see the reaction on your Xbox device Controller. So, do not disturb or do not touch any buttons on your Xbox device controller.


After the Xbox Device is switched off, you have to tap the Xbox Button again after a few minutes. Then, move towards the next step.


Again, hold it for a while until the Xbox Controller was turned On. Now, text the Xbox Controller with your Xbox console and the Smart TV device.

My Xbox Controller Keep Turning Off issue is solved, and you can play the video game on your Xbox console using the Xbox Controler device without the disconnecting problem.

System Update to Solve My Xbox Controller Keep Turning Off:

The main reason to keep disconnecting the Xbox Controller is a system update. If you are still using the old version of your device software. It will not support for the connection or show some inconvenient thing while playing. Follow the moves in the following space and Update your Xbox Controller.


First, Power On your Xbox device and the Xbox device controller and go to the next step. If the device has already switched On, skip this step.


On the Controller device, you can see the three-lined button on the left half of the handle. That is called the Menu button. You have to click on the Menu button and go forward.


On the display screen of your gaming device, you have to click the Manage game option given on the screen.


Then, you need to choose and tap on the Settings option of your Xbox gaming Controller device. Click the option and move towards further.


Following to the Xbox Controller page, you need to click on the Device and Accessories option using the buttons given on your gaming device.


Here, you have to go towards the Problem Controller button that you can see on the screen. And click on it, and then you will receive the primary thing on the screen.

Solve My Xbox Controller Keep Turning Off:


The Xbox Controller will show you the Update option. Click on the Update button and wait for a while to see the reactions.


After tapping on the Update button, the Xbox Controller device will ask you to confirm the update status. You have to click on the Continue button to continue the update process.

Now, your Xbox gaming device controller is updated, and you can use this device without any bugs. And it was stopped disconnecting continuously.

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Our Final Notes:

You can easily solve the My Xbox Controller Keep Turning Off issue by using the methods in this article. I have given the result-able methods and the instructions for each topic. Read the steps and solve the issue on your Xbox Controller device.

If you need more ideas or information about this topic, you can drop a comment in the respective message box. Move to the bottom of this page and check out the Comment field. I have replied to you as quickly as possible after I received the comment.

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