Why Does My Xbox Keep Turning Off?

Are you facing an issue on your Xbox console by turning it off? Then keep reading this article to get rid of all the issues you are facing on the Xbox console. If you want to know, Why does my Xbox keep turning off? All the resolving tips are given here, so read them thoroughly to get rid of the issues you are having.

Why Does My Xbox Keep Turning Off?

The  Xbox is a great gaming console among video game lovers, and it has many games that are available to play with advanced technology for the excellent gaming feature. It will let you play along with your friends and also can cross-play from other consoles. This console has recently launched many advanced models and versions with great features for the players.

Nowadays, we are having some technical issues we are facing, like it keeps switching off automatically while you play. Sometimes it will automatically turn off when you hit the power key. Moreover, it will allow you to play a game for the time being when it is turned myself.

Reasons for my Xbox keep Turning Off:

There are more reasons here for causing trouble on the Xbox console while playing games or doing anything else. That is due to many reasons given here.

    • Defective controller
    • power strip issues
    • power supply issues
    • Major problems occur from the console settings
    • Hardware issues
    • Overheating causes ventilation problems
    • Standby state
    • Wall outlet problem
    • Disorder console settings

So that these are the possible reasons to cause the issue while playing on the Xbox console keeps turning off automatically. So we will let you know how to solve these issues by using these guides and following some techniques below.

What are the solutions for causing the Xbox Issues?

    • Connect your device through the working wall outlet
    • Use a various wall outlet
    • Make sure proper ventilation
    • Restart your Xbox to fix the problem
    • Remove all the cables and then connect it
    • Clean all the dust on your console and also cables

In Xbox console, there are so many reasons for causing issues while you use, but we will provide you with some possible and effective fixing causes. So you can try to solve the problems using the below-fixing methods.

How to Solve my Xbox keep Turning Off?

There are some technical issues, and some other problems found in the Xbox console due to some more reasons and they can be solved by our detailed given fixing methods following our effective issues. Check out this similar guide How to Fix HDMI Port on Xbox One?

#Tip 1: Update your Xbox console

Sometimes, it may be because your device’s software is not updated for a longer time. So that it can cause your console keeps turning off randomly. First, you should require an updated version of the new software, so you should need to be up to date with the current version.

  • To update your Xbox console, you need to hit the Xbox key from your controller that is viewed on the main menu options.
  • From your console, move to the Settings section from the menu and then choose All settings.
  •  Afterthat, you can choose the System and then choose the Updates.
  • Now go back to the console section to set the Keep my console up to date.
  • Further, head to the Games and Apps menu and choose to  Keep my games and apps up to date from the below section.
  • Next, it will guide to the console update the software and also the games and apps directly if your console has a new update.

#Tip 2: Restart the Internal Power Supply

In the Xbox console, the power supply is a major thing for your console to turn on, so first, you should check whether it’s properly working or not. So these will cause the main reason your Xbox keeps turning off randomly. Here you can solve the issue manually by following the given instructions.

  • First, you should plug out the power source cables on your System.
  • Then wait for it to get back for seconds.
  • Now connect the power to your System, excluding the Xbox console.
  • Verify the LED indicator to ensure the power supply provides the required voltage to the System.
  • Suppose it indicates orange or white, then you need to connect the cable with your Xbox console.

Alternative Way to get back your power source:

#STEP 1 >>

Remove the power supply from the source by unplugging the cable. 

#STEP 2 >>

Detach the power cables from the power supply.

#STEP 3 >>

Detach the cable as well on your Xbox console.

#STEP 4 >>

Now clear all the cables to confirm that there is clean and clear without any dust.

#STEP 5 >>

Next, please wait for a second and then switch it on your Xbox or reset it.

#Tip 3: Hard Reset your Xbox

This method will really help you to get rid of all issues you are facing on your Xbox console due to unwanted caches and data. So keep reading to restart your Xbox console from the below section.

  • Hit the power key for at least a few seconds to turn off your System.
  • Now it will be switched off, then press the power button again.
  • Now it will begin and appears with a green start-up screen.

Alternative Way:

  • Head to the Profile and System section.
  • Move to the Settings and then click on the System option.
  • Now choose the Console Info option under the System section.
  • Then highlight the Reset Console option and tap on it.
  • Finally, it will start to restart your device and clears the data and cache from the console.

#Tip 4: Make Sure Proper Ventilation

Sometimes, the absence of ventilation may cause the Xbox console to get overheated, so you should keep your console cool down by following the steps given below.

#STEP 1 >>

You should need to wait for the Xbox console to cold down for up to an hour.

#STEP 2 >>

Now dismantle all the physical components from it.

#STEP 3 >>

Then clear the fan and get the air ventilates to cool down your console.

#STEP 4 >>

Suppose it doesn’t go down the temperature on your console, then you must need to change your fan immediately.

#Tip 5: Disable the Automatic Shutdown feature on your console

Maybe it will cause the issue when your console turns off, so you can disable it manually by following our simple steps.

#STEP 1 >>

Navigate to the Profile and System section.

#STEP 2 >>

Move to the Settings section and then navigate to the General option.

#STEP 3 >>

Now choose the Power and Start up option from the down menu.

#STEP 4 >>

Next, choose the Turn off after option from the given menu.

#STEP 5 >>

At last, make it to Dont Turn Off Automatically by tapping on it.

#Tip 6: Check the Power Strip Works or not

#STEP 1 >>

Make sure to verify that all other from your console is working properly.

#STEP 2 >>

If not, then use other outlets.

#STEP 3 >>

The diagnosis shows whether your power strip malfunctions.

#STEP 4 >>

In that case, you should need to change it with a new power strip.

Connect your console to the wall outlet directly to avoid the issues when you use the power strip.

#Tip 7: Check the controller if it works or not

#STEP 1 >>

Initially, you need to click on the Xbox controller key from the console.

#STEP 2 >> 

In case it doesn’t work, then hit the Power button from the console. Whether it works fine, then the issue is on your controller itself.

#STEP 3 >>

Suppose it works well, then you need to change your controller battery.

#STEP 4 >>

In case it doesn’t work, then try to change the controller with a new one.

#Tip 8: Male sure that the Power supply is competence

You need to check out the power supply from your Xbox console manually. If not, find it by the given steps manually.

#STEP 1 >>

First, connect the good-quality power cables for your System to work properly.

#STEP 2 >>

Further, examine whether the power brick LED indicator works fine or not.

#STEP 3 >>

If not, then you can change the power supply when it indicates a yellow or not appears.

#STEP 4 >>

Suppose the indicator shows you an orange or white, then you need to call a technician for the proper service to your Xbox console.

#Tip 9: Contact Customer Support

If none of the above methods is not helping to solve the causes, then try to contact your Xbox support care to get help to solve the issue you are facing right now. This service has a 24×7 service and can contact through mobile numbers or can email them.

What are the reasons for Xbox One turning off and cant able to turn it on?

Suppose you are having a problem with your Xbox One console when it turns off automatically and can’t you able to turn it on. It is due to the defective controller or running with a low battery. If that case, you need to change the battery or the controller. If not, in this case, then try to get any what are the issues that cause the problem and how to get rid of them.

  • Xbox console is not plug-in property on the power source.
  • Due to standby, the internal power supply.
  • Maybe have a defect on the motherboard.
  • Due to poor power outlet.
  • It May be due to the power supply circuit breaker malfunctioned.

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How to set my Xbox to enable when Idle?

In case your Xbox console is turned off when idle, then there may be a major cause. So you can resolve it by manually setting up Xbox settings by following the given step-by-step instructions.

#STEP 1 >>
From your console, hover over the Settings.

#STEP 2 >>

Next, choose the Power and Start-Up option.

#STEP 3 >>

Then change it to an Instant-on from energy-saving mode.

#STEP 4 >>

Further, switch off the Auto Shut down feature from the console settings.

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Final Verdict:

Xbox is a gaming console, and you can play along with your friends using its great features. It is the best entertainment for all having fun by playing games. Xbox console nowadays keeps shutting off during use, and it doesn’t turn on. So here we gave all the useful and effective formations regarding the Xbox keeps turned off automatically. From this guide, we gave the resolving tips using our guide. If you are still facing any issues with your Xbox console, then mention them using the comment box.

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