How to Get YouTube App on Vizio Smart TV?

An internet-connected TV usually offers a wide range of online features where you can stream your favourite content. With lots of preloaded apps, Vizio Smart TV comes up, including the YouTube app. You can access it using WiFi and Modem with an internet connection. As Smart TVs are getting unique frames here, we discuss how to get YouTube App on Vizio Smart TV.

YouTube app on Vizio Smart TV

Well, Vizio Smart TV comes up with a platform of Internet apps as it perfectly works on your TV. We can get the YouTube app on Vizio Smart TV by just simply pressing the V button, where you can find the youtube app by scrolling on the Vizio Internet apps. Next, you can open the app and start watching your videos. Using a similar process as playing on computers, now you can do the same by just searching.

How to get a YouTube app on Vizio Smart TV?

By following these steps, you can download the YouTube app on Vizio TV.

1. “VIA” button– On your Vizio Smart TV remote control, press the “VIA” button located between the volume and channel buttons. Now on the bottom of the TV screen, open the Vizio Internet Apps dock

2. Find YouTube– By scrolling down, you can find the YouTube app, use the directional pads for moving

3. Search for the content– When the application starts, search for the YouTube apps. You can use either an on-screen keyboard or a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for searching. Both are optional. Press “OK” to move to the next page

4. Categories– Press the “Down” arrow twice to browse video categories on YouTube. The categories cover almost all genres like Thriller, comedy, adventure, politics, etc. Use the directional pads with up, bottom, and side arrows for scrolling. To find the categories use the “Left and Right” buttons, and for highlighting use, videos press the “Up” arrow. And for scrolling, use the side arrow keys. And finally, “OK” for selecting

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Update YouTube on Vizio Smart TV

On your Vizio Smart TV, update the YouTube app in case it shows any updates. You can do it by removing the VIA app and reinstalling it again. A firmware update can also be performed alternatively. Follow the steps to update the YouTube app on Vizio Smart TV.

Method 1

1. Find YouTube app– As discussed above, we added points on finding YouTube apps on your Vizio Smart TV. Gently press the VIA button on your remote control and find the YouTube app

2. Update– You can see some colours on your remote control. Select the yellow button and check for the update by selecting. If its option is unavailable, select “Delete app” and ” ok. Now the screen displays the “YES” option highlighted. Click “OK”

3. App Store-Finally in the App Store, find the YouTube app and click OK.

Using this above the first method, if you cant update the YouTube app now, opt for a USB drive

Within a few minutes, you can do the following steps

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Method 2

1. Settings– Get into the “Settings” and select the “System settings”. Under the version, check for the “firmware version.”

2. Support– Now browse the Vizio support website and select “Support”. Then it asks you to enter the number of your TV model. Under the version, now compare the latest versions of firmware. Rename to “fwsu. img” if your firmware is older. Now copy and move the renamed tp USB flash drive

3. Check the lights– Finally, switch on the powers and check whether “Blue light” indicates. If yes, don’t worry; everything has gone well. And remove the flash drive once the light stops blinking, then power off the television

4. Check the settings–  Once this is over. Now again, switch on your TV and check the settings, whether the YouTube app on Vizio Smart TV is updated

How to Log into YouTube on Vizio Smart TV?

Now move on to the Log in the section once the YouTube app is installed on Vizio Smart TV. Follow the steps to log in:

  • Get into the Home screen and open the YouTube app on your Vizio Smart TV
  • On your TV screen now, you can find a code
  • On the YouTube account, log in by entering the specific code
  • You can watch the free videos instantly by just giving your Login details

What if Vizio TV does not support the YouTube app?

In the older version of Vizio Smart TV, the YouTube app may not be working. Upgrading the YouTube app is the control of this. But the upgrade not only affects the TV or YouTube but almost all manufacturers.

It comes with a Preinstalled app.

On the other hand, YouTube apps are not available on Vizio Smart TV as they are running on the SmartCast. Additionally, you can’t install any apps as they are not involved in built-in apps. But still, from Chromecast, you can cast YouTube apps on Vizio Smart TV.

Video streaming issue

You can prevent this by closing the app and reopening it again. Due to consuming much bandwidth, shut off the other apps alternatively. In addition, unplug the modem from the outlet to perform a network diagnosis to reset them.

Software bugs

This is a common cause that occurs when you are using outdated apps. As we discussed in the above steps, follow the same procedures to update them to get the solution.

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Some pros and cons compared to other brands


+ When compared to other brands, Vizio Smart TV priced very competitively for the same features

+ In a dark room, to prevent deep blacks, it gives a local dimming backlight as it results in excellent picture quality. This is provided in all higher and mid-range models

+ When compared to other models, it provides a good gaming features


– Some corners have been cut due to the firmware issue in the Vizio Smart TV. Also, not all the problems are solved while fixing the firmware update; some are eventually fixed

– As compared to other brands, some low-quality content will doesn’t be of good quality

-As the Vizio Smart TV comes with a preinstalled app, you could not download other apps like in other brands


To conclude, getting a YouTube app on Vizio Smart TV is simple. As the app contains a need space, there is no need for a hard drive. So I suggest you get Vizio Smart TV today and watch your favourite content with your friends and family. For additional information, leave a message in the comment section.


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