How to Install and Watch YouTube on Samsung Smart TV?

YouTube on Samsung Smart TV is our today topic. In this article, we are going to discuss about installing YouTube on Samsung Smart TV device.

How to Install and Watch YouTube on Samsung Smart TV

  • What is YouTube on Samsung Smart TV?
  • How to Watch YouTube on Samsung Smart TV?

You can get the installation methods and instructions on this topic. And we will guide you to get the point as quickly.

What is YouTube on Samsung Smart TV?

Fortunately, YouTube is available on Samsung Smart TVYou can get this YouTube streaming service directly from the Samsung App Store natively on your Smart TV.

YouTube is an all in all streaming device. Also, for kids, especially the YouTube community started the YouTube Kids app separately. So, kids can watch all in all cartoons, animes, adventures, and more attractive videos on YouTube. For more details about this YouTube streaming service, read the following topics.

How to Watch YouTube on Samsung Smart TV?

We are going to install and watch YouTube on your Samsung Smart TV. The methods and the installation procedure are given below. And the methods we are going to follow are:

🔶 Install Directly on Samsung Smart TV

🔸 Using Smartphones

These two methods of streaming are going to use on your Samsung Smart TV. You can pick any one of the convenient methods for you. And the Steps are:

Install YouTube on Samsung Smart TV – Direct Method:

Here are the steps and instructions are given one by one on this topic. They are:

👉Step 1: ( Connect Router )

First and foremost, you have to set your Samsung Smart TV with the standard W-Fi connection with your home Wi-Fi router.

👉Step 2: ( Home Screen )

Take your Samsung Smart TV remote controller and click on the Home Button on the remote to go to the home screen of your device. The home button is highlighted in the image given below.

Samsung TV Remote Controller

👉Step 3: ( Apps )

Move to the Apps section on your Samsung Smart TV menu toolbar at the bottom of your Home Screen. Click it to go to the Samsung App Store.

Apps section on Samsung Smart TV home screen

👉Step 4: ( Search )

There you can see the Search icon in the top right corner of the screen. Click the search icon.

Search icon on Samsung App Store

👉Step 5: ( YouTube )

In the search icon, you have to search for the YouTube streaming service in the given search space on the Samsung App Store. 

👉Step 6: ( Install ) or ( Get )

After clicking the search icon in the respective App Store and picking the app from the list, it dropped down to the search bar. Then click on the Install or Get to launch it on your device.

👉Step 7: ( Open )

Move backwards to the Home Screen of your device and go to the Apps section. There you can see the installed YouTube streaming service and open it on the Samsung TV screen.

👉Step 8: ( Sign In )

After opening the YouTube service on your device, click on the profile icon, or the app will ask you to log in with the service. Use your Google Account to log in with the YouTube service.

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Get YouTube on Samsung Smart TV using Smartphones:

In the previous topic, we have used the direct method to install and watch YouTube on your Samsung Smart TV device. Now, we are going to use the Smartphone device to do the same on your device. Let us start the procedure.

👉Step 1: ( Set Modem )

Connect your Samsung Smart TV with the home Wi-Fi modem and bind your Smartphone with the same internet source.

👉Step 2: ( Google Play Store )

If you are using an Android device, you have to open the Google Play Store app and click on the search icon on the home page of the App Store.

👉Step 3: ( Apple App Store )

If you use your iPhone or iPad to stream the YouTube on your device, then open the Apple App Store on your device screen.

👉Step 4: ( Search )

Tap the Search icon in the App Store and search for the “YouTube” in the given search area.

YouTube on Google Play Store YouTube on Apple App Store

Stream YouTube on Samsung Smart TV using Android and iOS:

👉Step 5: ( Install )

We have given both available images in the above point. So, pick the app logo from the search lineup and tap the Install button to get the app on your device.

👉Step 6: ( Sign In )

After the YouTube has completed downloading on your Smartphone, you can unwrap it on your Smartphone’s home screen.

Then enter your Google account to log in with the YouTube streaming service.

👉Step 7: ( Play Content )

And search for your favourite show and watch your beloved content on the Smartphone screen.

👉Step 8: ( Cast )

Then, you have to click on the cast symbol in the video playing window.

Cast symbol on YouTube

If it is not applicable on the video streaming window, you can go to the home page of the YouTube service and click on the Cast icon given in the top toolbar on the home page.

👉Step 9: ( Choose Device )

Then, you have to select the streaming device from the pop-up window. You can see the Samsung Smart TV in the given box. Tap your Smart TV name and click on the connect option to stream the YouTube on Samsung Smart TV. 

What are the Features of YouTube?

YouTube is a famous streaming service, and no one is without YouTube on their streaming devices. You can see all kinds of videos on YouTube. And collect helpful information technically and generally in the YouTube streaming service. The features are:

  • Genres > The YouTube streaming service has many categories like Comedy, Filmy, Anger, Healthy, News, Anime, cartoons, and more categories consist on the YouTube platform.
  • Quality > YouTube has allows us to set the resolution of the video manually depending on the internet speed.
  • Share > Also, you can share the video link with your friends and family to share your feelings.
  • Videos > It allows us to post videos on the YouTube site.
  • Like > You can like the videos on YouTube, and others also hit a like for your video.
  • Comment > Also, you can comment on the video you are watching on YouTube.
  • Subscribe > If you like a video on YouTube, you can click on the subscribe button to follow them for the new updates.
  • Earn > You can also earn money from uploading exciting videos on YouTube if you have more followers and likes for your videos.

The same they did for your YouTube Channel. Your new posts and YouTube Shorts are recommended on the home screen for them.

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How much does YouTube cost?

YouTube have two kinds of paying options, and they are:

🔶 YouTube Premium Lite >> $6.99 ( Per Month )

🔸 YouTube Premium >> $11.99 ( Per Month )

Also, we have given the image reference for you to check the cost of the YouTube streaming service.

YouTube Subscription Lite YouTube Subscription

Our Final Notes:

So, YouTube on Samsung Smart TV is possible, and you can download this by using the simple guide to stream it on your Samsung TV. YouTube is a famous streaming service, and most of the kids are likes to watch videos on YouTube.

All in one app is called YouTube because you can get all information in this single app. You can get the information with the video proof and clearance of the content you have to know. If you need more details about the YouTube streaming or subscription, you can ask me in the comment section by dropping your questions. I will reply to you as quickly as possible.

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