YouTube TV On PS5: How To Install and Watch?

Here is a complete guide to watching youtube tv PS5. Let us discuss these articles briefly.

Now, the Youtube TV app has the ps5. From the play station store. It supports ps5 on YouTube TV subscribers and ps5 owners. Without casting an envious glance at 9 to 5 Google, Xbox one owners reported.

Now it has another way to watch live TV from sony’s latest console. Youtube Tv has a subscription for $64.99 per month, which allows three together streams within a family, and it is helpful for ps5 that connects to another room from your TV.

Youtube TV is helpful for Roku owners who have another device to work. Sony has its own live Play station Vue, a TV streaming service. But you aren’t able to watch another streaming service from your PlayStation. Now you can watch on YouTube’s TV and its streaming platform to your PS4, PS5, or PS4 pro.

Here we are going to learn how to watch YouTube TV on PS4. There are some steps to follow:

  • At first, users need to signup for youtube TV to watch on PS4 or PS5.
  •  Youtube TV is a streaming platform for requesting movies and live TV shows.
  • Youtube Tv has a list of the supported devices for PS4, PS5, And its pro.

how to install and watch youtube tv on ps5

Can I get YouTube TV on PS5?

youtube tv on ps5

If the Youtube TV app doesn’t become available for PS5, you can follow some steps which will help to get Youtube TV  ps5.

  1. From your TV, you should connect with your ps5.
  2. Turn on both your TV and ps5 internet connection.
  3. Tap the play station button on ps5 controller.
  4. Visit the Game base option.
  5. Then choose Options and select the Go to Game Base icon.
  6. Select a Friend or Party from the option.
  7. After the visit, click the URL  given here
  8. Tap the Send option and click the link which you have sent.
  9. Now you visit the Google Home page.
  10. Attach and find it in Google on your ps5.
  11. At last, sign in to your credential and now unlock your Youtube Tv PS5 to stream your desired channels.

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How to Login & Watch?

  1. Go to the Youtube Tv and then sign up.
  2. Visit the Home screen from your PlayStation.
  3. From the App Store, find the Youtube TV and tap to download.
  4. After downloading,  install the app, and log in to your youtube Tv account from the play station.
  5. Now you can enjoy your favourite show from youtube content on your ps4.

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How to Get YouTube TV?

install youtube tv on ps5

By following these steps, you can install youtube tv ps5.

  1. LAunch your TV on your PlayStation5.
  2. Switch on them to turn on your ps5 internet connection.
  3. Tap the media button on the ps5 home page.
  4. Select All apps and tap on Magnifying Glass icon from your ps5.
  5. Find youtube Tv and choose it from the results.
  6. Then click on the Download option on your ps5.
  7. After downloading install the Youtube Tv app on your ps5 and open it
  8. Finally, log in to your account on ps5 then it will begin to stream your desired channels on ps5 connected Tv.
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Features of YouTube TV on PlayStation?

Youtube Tv is a streaming platform that gives users access to live TV. There have 85+ channels. It may differ from where you locate. Also, it includes various TV shows and movies. Subscribers can also record the shows they want to watch later without storage limits. Every subscription has six accounts.

Unlike Traditional Live TV services, Youtube TV doesn’t need a cable box, contracts, or hidden fees. It only costs $64.99/month. It has an introductory offer of $54.99/ month for the first three months.

Youtube TV has some specific features, which include,

  • Without a cable box, you can stream live TV  programs.
  • Including ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, HGTV, and ESPN, you can watch more than 85 networks.
  • You can watch local news and sports channels.
  • You can stream your favourite programs on a computer, smartphone, tv, or tablet.
  • You can watch DVR shows without a storage limit and store the recordings for nine months.

Also, you can add premium channels such as Starz and Showtime to your subscription. From the subscription, you can connect up to 3 devices.

How to Get Install and watch Youtube TV PS5 in 2022?

Playstation5 specific section for media that online video game console. From the media section, you may access the media stuff. It has more streaming services available on ps5, including Amazon prime video, Hulu, Disney+, etc. If you want to get Youtube TV and this is a great place.

Everyone knows about Youtube TV, and the service has more features. You can get it on any of the home video game consoles.

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Above all, we explained how to install, download & watch youtube tv on ps5 and the features of the ps5; if you need more information about this article, comment below.

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