How to Use Zwift on Smart TV? [Updated 2022]

Fitness is a sign of our health. So, today we are going to discuss Zwift on Smart TVWe are going to guide you to install and stream the Zwift Running and Cycling training app on your Smart TV display.

  • Does Zwift available on Smart TV?
  • How to Install and Watch Zwift on Smart TV?

From this article, you can learn more about the Zwift fitness challenge app. And the installation and streaming procedure too.

Is Zwift on Smart TV?

Only the Apple TV external device carries the Zwift app on its device. So, the Zwift app is not natively available on the Smart TV device. Also, you can not be able to get it from the in-built App Store on your Smart TV device.

Zwift App

We have to go for the alternative method to install and stream the Zwift app on your Smart TV. The method and the instructions are given below.

How much does Zwift cost?

The Zwift app has a single subscription package, and you have to pick that subscription to use all advantages given in the Zwift app. The subscription plan highlights and the cost of the plan are given in this topic. We have uploaded the image below.

Zwift app Subscription Package

So, you have seven days of the free trial before get starting the subscription package. You have to renew this subscription package when it’s going to expire a the date you purchased the plan.

How to Install and Watch Zwift on Smart TV?

As we told in the above topic, the Zwift app is not natively available on your Smart TV App Store. The methods are:

🔶 Watch Zwift on Smart TV using Apple TV

🔸 Using the Screen Mirroring method

We are going to use these two methods on your Smart TV device. Check out the installation procedures in the next topic.

Zwift on Smart TV using Apple TV:

So, first, we are going to install and watch the Zwift app on your Apple TV device. Follow the instructions given here:

👉Step 1: ( Insert Apple TV ) 

First and foremost, you need to associate your Apple TV external streaming device with your Smart TV streaming device.

👉Step 2: ( Set Internet )

Here, you have to connect the home Wi-Fi internet source to your Apple TV and Smart TV device.

👉Step 3: ( Home Screen )

Take off your Apple TV remote controller and click on the Home Button to visit the home screen of your device.

👉Step 4: ( Apple App Store )

On the Apple TV device, you have the in-built Apple App Store and click on the app logo to open it on your Smart TV display.

👉Step 5: ( Search )

Click on the search icon in the Apple App Store and start searching for the “Zwift” in the given search space.

👉Step 6: ( Install )

Pick the needed Zwift app from the search result and click on the Install button to use the Zwift app on your Smart TV.

👉Step 7: ( Open )

Open the installed Zwift app from your Smart TV Apps and Games section.

👉Step 8: ( Sign In )

After revealing the app on your Smart TV screen, you have to sign in with your account credential to stream the content on your device.

Now, you can watch all the cycling and running videos and competitions in the Zwift app. You can get the best training from the best coaches.

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Zwift on Smart TV- using Smartphones:

You can install this running and cycling training app on your Smartphones. We have given the installation method to your Android and iOS devices. Read the Steps keenly.

Install Zwift on Android:

  • Connect your Android with the same internet connection that your Smart TV has connected.
  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Click on the search icon given on the App Store page.
  • Type and search for the “Zwift” in the given search space.
  • Then, pick up the app from the search result.
  • Hit the Install button to launch Zwift on your Android device.
  • After it is installed on your Android device, you can open it on your device from the home screen.
  • Log in with the user account credentials to start taking the training and check the maps of connectivity with other users.

Screencast Zwift on Smart TV:

  • Play the training video on your Android device.
  • Click on the “Cast” symbol on the video playing screen.
  • After clicking the cast symbol on your Android device, you will get the pop-up window on your device screen.
  • Choose your Smart TV brand name in the given window.
  • Now, click on the Connect button to connect your devices

Watch all the training videos and updates on  Running and Cycling.

Install Zwift on iOS Devices:

  • Bind up your iOS device and Smart TV with a similar internet connection.
  • Then, go straight to the Apple App Store on your iOS device.
  • And click on the search space in the Apple App Store.
  • Then search for the “Zwift” app in the App Store.
  • Select the needed app from the search suggestion.
  • And tap on the Install option to use the Zwift app on your iOS device.
  • Get into the streaming page of the Zwift app using your Login credentials.

Screen Mirroring Zwift on Smart TV:

  • Play the Content on the Zwift app streaming page.
  • Click on the Airplay symbol. If it is not provided, go to the next point.
  • Move forward to the navigational panel of your iOS devices.
  • Determine the “Screen Mirroring” option from the grid options.
  • Then, choose your Smart TV device name on the given pop-up screen.
  • If your iOS device asks you to click on the Connect option, then tap on the option to bind your devices.

Here you go, you can watch the Training video and the route to run and cycle on the Zwift app.

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What are the Features of Zwift?

Zwift app has valuable and healthy benefits and features and benefits on its streaming service. You can check the benefits in the below list we have given for you.

  • Events > The Zwift app has conducted events in Running and Cycling in its service.
  • Meetup > If you are joining the events in the Zwift app, you can meet up with the participants before the event start.

Meetup on Zwift

  • Route > You can also see the route you are going to ride or run a map in the Zwift app.

Riding Route on Zwift

  • Compete > Then compete with the participants in a live event.

Events on Zwift

  • Buy > You can shop the types of equipment in the shop on the Zwift app.
  • Free Trial > It has a free trial before getting the subscription package on the Zwift app.

These are all the features and highlights of the Zwift app, and you can install it on your Smart TV device using the instructions we have given in this article.

Our Last Notes:

You can watch the Zwift on Smart TV and the installation methods we have given in this article. We cannot get this app directly from the App Store in-built on your Smart TV device. You can only screencast the Zwift screen from your Android to your TV display.

Or you can use the external streaming device Apple TV with your Smart TV device. We have given the three kinds of streaming methods to watch the Zwift on your TV. Ask me any questions in the comment section. I will reply to you as quickly as possible.

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