How to Connect Bluetooth to Chromecast?

It is effortless and super valuable to connect pair of wireless Bluetooth to Chromecast because, with this feature, Google doesn’t make a big deal. Watch your videos privately by connecting them to Bluetooth, mainly not to disturb a sleeping child. Use Bluetooth to connect Speakers, Smart home assistants and headphones, and it allows users to enable this feature in the … Read more

How to Chromecast Star Plus? [ 2 Easy Steps ]

How to Chromecast Star Plus [ 2 Easy Steps ]

Google Chromecast was supported with streaming services which are compatible with its server. Today I am going to talk to you about Chromecast Star Plus. Star Plus was a popular television channel and you can stream it on your available streaming device. Here I have explained to you the installation and the casting method of the Star Plus streaming service on … Read more

How to do Funimation Chromecast? [2 Simple Ways]

How to do Funimation Chromecast [2 Simple Ways]

Today I will discuss the Funimation Chromecast on your Smart TV device with you. Funimation is an animated content streaming service. You can watch Animated Korean content on your streaming device as a Crunchyroll streaming service. Read the following topics in this article, and you can get the screencasting method of the Funimation streaming service on your Google Chromecast external … Read more

How to Enable Chromecast Dark Mode: Easy Guide

Chromecast Dark Mode

Tech Buffs or Bloggers always prefer the Dark Mode ambient mode as they tend to spend more time on Smart Gadgets. Our Human eyes can be strained due to the standard display brightness in any Smart Gadget. So to avoid this, both the apps and smartphones started revealing Dark Mode. This Dark Mode saves the battery life, and also it … Read more

How to Chromecast IPTV Smarter: Detailed Guide

Chromecast IPTV Smarter

Being an IPTV customer is widespread today as you can stream all IPTVs in a single place. This IPTV, more innovative, is the best solution for your Live On-Demand Videos. Being occupied with the work schedules and IPTV smarter is the complete solution for any entertainment. If you plan to get rid of cable TV subscriptions, then you are in … Read more