How to Fix When My Sony TV Screen is Black? 2022

In Today’s world, everyone has Smart Tv. Sometimes Smart Tv gives more frustrating things when you enjoy and entertain with your family that can break down on you. On Sony Smart Tv screen goes black sometimes. The Sony Smart tv has a good quality picture and a high range of device equipment. But sometimes the sony screen goes black color. This guide will tell you How to Fix My Sony TV Screen is Black? Please read this article to get more information and get a solution to recover the black screen on my Sony tv. Let’s start with the topic.

How to Fix My Sony TV Screen is Black

Why my Sony Tv shows Black Screen Always?

In this topic, let us see the reason sony tv shows a black screen always.

  • Due to some temporary malfunction that caused software in sony tv screen goes black color.
  • If the Sony Tv power plug or HDMI cable should not connect properly.
  • Sometimes Energy saving mode or sleep mode is on. Unfortunately, the sony screen goes black.
  • The Sony Smart Tv software version has expired.
  • The tv control panel is at fault.
  • The Blacklight adjustment on Sony  Tv is misconfigured.
  • An HDMI port has some problems.

Hardware Malfunction:

Sometimes that external device gets damaged. Due to this damage, the sony tv screen goes black color. In this case, you call up your nearby service center to solve this problem.+

Technical Bugs:

Due to the issue of Technical Bugs, you should reboot or restart your sony smart tv. While restarting your Sony Smart tv, you will get a new version of Smart Tv. This is the way to clear bugs and glitches on your smart tv.

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How Can I Reboot My Sony TV?

Here we will show the steps to Reboot your Sony TV. Follow the steps to reboot.

  1. Initially, you should turn off your Sony Smart Tv and wait for10 minutes and let it cool the internal lamps.
  2. Then you should unplug the cable from the electric outlet.
  3. After that, power on your Sony Smart TV.
  4. Finally, check your sony tv and you don’t see a black screen.

Moreover, Next, we have to see how to fix the Black Screen on the Sony tv. Read the upcoming topics to get more information.

How Do I fix the black Screen on Sony Smart TV?

This is an excellent topic to get all the answers Why My Sony TV Screen is Black? Study this topic well to recover the black screen on my sony smart tv.

Turn off Power saving mode:

Wheather the power-saving mode is on your sony tv, it causes your screen to be black color. You can able to hear a sound properly, but you can’t able to see the color screen. In this case, you should Turn off your power-saving mode in your Sony Smart Tv. Follow the steps to turn it off.

  • By using your sony TV control panel, press the home button.
  • Select the System Setting option.
  • Tap Eco, Then click turn it Off.

Suppose you have Sony Android. You need to go Home menu, then click setting and power. Then, You have to turn off the eco mode.

You should Turn Off Sleep Timer:

Sometimes Sleep timer is on your smart tv goes on a black screen. So you need to turn off your sleep timer. Follow the steps to turn off your sleep timer on your smart tv.

  • Access your home button on your tv control panel.
  • Select System setting.
  • Tap the clock or timer and turn it off.

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Check the Tv cords:

The power cable is not connected properly to the electric outlet, and it will show a black screen. So you should check the power cable. You need to check whether both the external connection and the power cord have been connected properly. Once you will unplug all the connections and then fix them tightly so that the sony tv cable is working in a better condition.

Turn Off the Demo mode on Sony TV:

On your Sony Tv, the demo mode is on. It has some functionality to work on your smart tv. So you need to turn off your demo mode. Here we mention the steps to turn off your demo mode on your sony tv.

  1. By using your control panel, press the home menu.
  2. Go to Setting.
  3. Click Retail mode under the Device preferences.
  4. Then locate the picture reset and demo modes and turn them off.

Unplug the External devices:

Sometimes you have been using some external device such as a DVD player, Cabel Box, and SAT box or using any streaming device. If you watch some movie using this device suddenly, it turns into a black screen. You should unplug your external device until your smart tv turns into normal condition. After it comes to normal condition, then you have to try to plug in your external devices. This is not the biggest fault. Otherwise, it has a simple method of restarting a device to clear all the temporary problems.

Check Blacklight Brightness:

Blacklight Adjustment has been misconfigured on your TV. So you have to set the reconfigure in the setting. Follow the steps to reconfigure the Blacklight brightness.

  1. Click the Home button and select the picture option.
  2. Go to the Blacklight option Button.
  3. By using the control panel to adjust the Blacklight brightness.

Update your Sony TV:

Here we mention the steps to upgrade the Sony TV to avoid the Black screen on your Sony TV screen.

  1. Go to the Sony website and search for your Sony TV model.
  2. Then you should be able to see a firmware update and download them on your PC.
  3. After that, all your storage files will transfer to a USB.
  4. Plug the USB into the Sony tv USB slot, then turn on your Smart TV.
  5. Wait for the Sony tv detection on the USB drive, and it gets installed and updated automatically.

Check the HDMI port and Change the HDMI Cable:

Suppose your HDMI port has spoiled. You need to check another different port. Unplug your Cable, then plug it into another input.

Your HDMI Port cable is not suitable for the input port, so that you can change your HDMI cable according to the size of that input port.  Then now, you can get a High-Speed cable like HDMI 2.0.

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What is the Reason Sony Tv Screen Black But Has Sound?

If your Smart Tv screen is black, but you can only hear the sound, it might have an error on the Picture tube. It is only focused on the Sound system only. In this case, we need to change the Picture tube on your Sony Smart TV.

This is the possible reason that your Sony Tv Blacklight has malfunctioned and needs replacement.

The End

We mention in the above post how to fix the My sony Tv screen black. We guide all the possible ways and the reason why it’s happening. And also explain the sony tv screen is black but has sound. Read the above article to get a clear solution to fix the black screen on your sony tv. We hope you enjoy this article. If you need more information or if you have any doubts about this post, comment below.

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