How to Install and Watch F1 TV on PS4? [2022]

Racing is another popular game in the industry, and it has different types of features and trends in the market. F1 is called the F1 TV on PlayStation4, and you need to remember the F1 TV is one of the best platforms for Car Racing. F1 is said as the famous Formula 1, and then Bizarre Creation had the F1 TV developer. This F1 TV is said to be the International Open-Wheel car racing FIA.

The F1 TV app is presented in 21 countries, and these are the USA, Austria, Mexico, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, and France. The Formula1 TV app had more users to stream all types of on-demand video content and original live racing, F1 shows, unique content, documentaries, and then more. It streams in different types of languages, such as Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, and French, for the F1 TV app. And English is the primary language for this Race streaming service.

F1 TV on PS4

How to Watch F1 TV with PS4 Via PS Remote Play?

The Formula TV does not present on PS4. In other words, PlayStation 4 users can not install the F1 TV app. We directly get this app from the PlayStation store. Some of cases, you need to use the PS remote play app, and it makes the perfect screen mirroring process. A simple step helps to install the F1 TV on PS4.

Step 1: First of all, you need to move to the Google Play store or App store. It presents with the help of your smartphone.

Step 2: Then install the F1 TV app and other PS remote play apps on your android phone or iOS device.

Step 3: After completing the installation process of the F1 TV app then, launch the F1 TV app with your smartphone.

Step 4: Now, log in with F1 TV. It uses other account details.

Step 5: Then, you quickly access the F1 TV app with your smartphone.

Step 6: After completing the process, you need to connect the smartphone and then PS4. It presents with the same internet connection.

Step 7: With the help of the settings then, you move to the remote play option. Then turn on the proper enable remote play option with your PS4.

Step 8: Now open the PS remote play and then log in with PS remote play app with your PS4 device account with the proper details of your smartphone.

Step 9: After that process, you need to play the content of the F1 TV app with your smartphone and then the video you will display with your PS4 device.

Watch F1 TV on PS4 Via iPhone Via the Remote Play Feature.

When you look at these instructions then, you need to watch F1 TV application content with your PlayStation4 gaming console screen. It also uses the iPhone through the remote play features.

Step 1: Firstly, you require to combine the proper fitting source with the internet connection of your Playstation 4 console and then iPhone.

Step 2: Then you can download the PS remote play app with your iPhone from your App store and then install it.

Step 3: Furthermore, you need to log in to PS remote play app on your PS4 console deeds and then connect both devices.

Step 4: Now, choose the F1 TV app with your App store, then install it with your iPhone and open it.

Step 5: After finishing, the process with F1 TV’s login requests with your subscription deeds then, move into the further things.

Step 6: Finally, you start to enjoy the F1 TV sports events on the Playstation4 console with your iPhone.

Bottom Line

Here, we discuss the two different types of techniques to get the F1 TV on PS4. Follow the entire article till the end then you quickly get the F1 TV in your Playstation4 Gaming console. Furthermore, it also uses the proper remote feature then you stream the F1 TV app content. Hope you that this passage gives a helping hand to stream any F1 TV content in your straightforward ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the F1 TV channel compatible with Streaming devices?

Android mobile phone, iOS, Andriod TV devices are like Google Chromecast device, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV Airplay, iPhone and then more Smart TV with some streaming devices. It supports the Formula 1 TV channel.

2. Is F1 TV presented on PS4?

The F1 TV app is not present on the PS4, and then PlayStation 4 users do not install the F1 TV app. It directly comes from the PlayStation store. At this time, you console users mainly use the screen mirroring process helps to stream the F1 TV content. Chromecast devices if you do not apply for the screen mirroring to do the further F1 TV app content with PlayStation 4 console.

3. Is there any F1 app?

Yes, F1 Tv is said as a popular streaming application, and it is presented on iOS and Android devices platforms. You need to install the F1 TV app brings from the Play store and then the App store.

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