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Paramount Plus was an extraordinary Streaming service. You can watch movies, shows, originals, and kid’s programs on it. You can download Paramount Plus on PS4 using the instructions I have given in this article.

How to Watch Paramount Plus on PS4?

Also, you can check the compatibility of your device and the subscription to Paramount Plus. Read the article and download the Paramount Plus now on your Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console. 

Know about Paramount Plus:

Paramount plus is the topmost streaming platform. However, CBS All Access is now known as Paramount plus. Now it has become more popular among many streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Max, and many more. They are providing significant library content of Paramount plus as well as ViacomCBS TV providers.

It offers a lot of new content to stream with regular updates. This is the perfect platform for those who love to watch newly released movies and TV shows without going to theatres at home itself.

Sign Up with Paramount Plus:

You need a user account with the Paramount Plus streaming service to watch the content on your credentials. Let us start the procedure now.


Open the web browser on your Android screen and click on the search icon.


On the search space, you have to type and look for the official site of Paramount Plus.


On the home screen of the Paramount Plus official website, you have to enter your active email address and tap on the Submit button to confirm the registration.

How much does Paramount Plus cost?

Paramount Plus streaming service has two subscription packages. And you can watch thousands of movies and series on its streaming platform. Also, it allows you to watch sports content live. The cost and the benefits of the Paramount Plus subscription get mentioned in the image given below.

Choose your friendly_budget subscription package and watch your favorite movies, series, and all entertainment content in Paramount Plus on PS4. 

Learn about PlayStation:

Play Station4 is an online video gaming console, and it is used to stream live TV streaming platforms as well as On-demand content also. So it is very beneficial to users who have a PS4 console. It offers a better experience for game lovers. It provides various online games to play by connecting to the internet.

Is Paramount Plus on PS4?

Yes, the Paramount Plus was available on a PS4 gaming console. Now it is officially applicable on the PlayStation. You can download it directly from the PlayStation Store. I will guide you to install it on your device.

I have given you two methods to get this Paramount Plus streaming service on your PlayStation Store. From the following topic, you can get the methods to download the Paramount Plus Streaming service on your Play Station gaming console.

How to Install and Watch Paramount Plus on PS4?

I have already told you that I have two methods to guide you in installing the Paramount Plus on the PS4 gaming console. The two methods are:

  • Download From PlayStation Store
  • Screen Mirror on PS4

We are going to use these two methods to download and watch the Paramount Plus streaming service on PlayStation 4 gaming console. Let us start the installation process. Get the steps in the following topic.

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Install Paramount Plus on PlayStation 4:

Follow each instruction given in the steps and do the same on your PlayStation 4 gaming console device. Here you go:


First, you need to interject your PlayStation 4 gaming console with your Smart TV streaming device.


Now, you have to connect your PlayStation 4 and Smart TV with the same Wi-Fi internet source at your home.


Take off your PS4 device remote controller and press the Home Button on the remote controller.


On the PS 4 gaming console’s home screen, you have to select and open the Sony PlayStation Store on your device screen.


On the home screen of the PlayStation Store, you can see the search option and the space given at the top page.


Then, you need to type and look up the ” Paramount Plus ” streaming service in the given search field.


Dig out the Paramount Plus official streaming service from the search result and select the Install or Download button given on the Sony PlayStation Store page on your device.


After the Paramount Plus streaming service gets installed on your PS4 device, you have to go to the Home Page and launch the Apps and Games section. There you will reveal the downloaded Paramount Plus on your device.


Go to the Sign In section and enter your credentials to Login with the Paramount Plus streaming page. Now, you can watch your favorite movies, shows, Live Programs, Kid’s content, and more entertainment videos on the Paramount Plus network.

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How to Screen Mirror Paramount plus to PlayStation 4?

The second method of getting Paramount Plus on PS4 is to screen mirror the content to your PlayStation device. Let us initiate installing and screen mirroring.

Enable Screen Mirroring on PS4:

First, we have to avail of the screen mirroring method with your PS4 gaming console device. Here are the steps:


Here you have to set up your Android device with your PS4 gaming console connected same Wi-Fi internet source.


Open the Google Play Store in-built on your Android streaming device. And click on the Search icon on the appeared page.


Then you need to look up the ” PS4 Second Screen ” app from the search result and click on the Install button to launch the app on your device.


At the home screen of your PS4 console, you need to unwrap the installed PS4 Second Screen app on your Android screen.

Set PS4 for Screen Mirroring:


Go to the home screen of your PS4 device and tap the Settings section given at the below toolbar on the home screen.


On the settings screen on your PS4 device, you have to head toward the Manage App Settings Connection option on the screen.


There you have to go towards the Add Device option on the Mobile Apps Connection Settings page.


Open the Google Play Store on your Android screen and search for the Paramount Plus streaming service and Install it on your device.


In the PS4 Second Screen app, you have to click on the PS4 device name and enter the code that appeared on the PS4 screen.


After entering the code in the given space, you have to tap on the Register button at the right bottom of the screen.

Now, you can stream the Paramount Plus content on your Android device, which will reflect on your PS4 device.

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Our Final Notes:

The Paramount Plus streaming service was available on the Sony PlayStation Store. Now you can get the Paramount Plus on PS4. We have given the installation steps of the Paramount Plus streaming service on your Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console device.

Also, I have provided the additional installation method of getting the paramount plus/ps4 by the Screen Mirroring method. Read the above-given topics in this article and give you the possible way to install it on your Play Station device. After reading the content, if you have any doubts or suggestions for the article, you can share them with me in the comment section given at the bottom of the screen. I will reply to your message as quickly as possible.

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